Understanding the Power of Law

Benefits law is not just for investors. It is possible for everyone because everyone is an investor. The entrepreneur invests a lot of time just starting out. Therefore, every entrepreneur should ask himself whether his business will be successful and profitable. Every individual is an investor. When choosing a job, make sure your work is productive for the next few decades.

Can We Control Our Future?

The most common answer to the future value question is a different portfolio. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," they were all told. Again, even the best capitalists have a portfolio, but investors who understand the rule of law invest as little as possible. Portfolio thinking, which promotes both traditional wisdom and financial agreement, on the other hand, sees betting as a source of strength. The more you try, the more you have to have.
Expected uncertainty about the future.

But life is not a portfolio for the beginner or for anyone. The entrepreneur cannot "divide". You can't manage dozens of companies at the same time and expect them to do well. Unsurprisingly, but as important as it may be, an individual cannot reproduce his or her life in dozens of equal professions.

Our schools teach the opposite. Institutional education provides the same and general knowledge. Everyone who has ever lived in the United States has learned not to think about law. In high school, each lesson is 45 minutes, regardless of the subject. All students progress at the same rate. Exemplary students in elementary school develop many unique and uncomplicated skills in their pursuit of a secure future. All universities believe in "excellence" and the 100-page course catalog, organized in random sections, seems to assure you "no matter what you do, as long as you do well." That is a complete mistake. What you do is impossible. You need to be more inquisitive about the help you give to other people.

For beginners, this means that even if you have special skills, you do not have to start your own business. On the contrary, many people today are starting their own business. Those who understand the law of energy, when they start a new business, they are more flexible than others. You know how successful you are when you join a great company.
It is growing rapidly. The rule of law means that differences between companies cover the differences between companies. You can be 100% fair if you fully finance your own business, but if you fail, you have 100% nothing.

Source: Poor-Zero One by Peter TL


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