The Secrets

Today, the most popular concepts at that time were unknown and dubious, for example, the mathematical relationship between the sides of a triangle has been a mystery for millennia. Pythagoras had to think a lot to recognize him. If you want to learn more about Pythagoras' new discovery, the best way to find out is to join his inquisitive vegetarian cult. Today, its geometry has become a conventional, simple fact that we teach young students. The general truth may be important, for example, learning basic math is very important, but it will not help you. It's no secret.

Remember the questions against us. Is it true that very few agree with you? If we understand the natural world as much as we already know, if all the common concepts of today are covered and implemented, then there is no right answer. Contradictory opinions make no sense if there is no privacy in the world that should be abandoned.

Can we control the future?

Of course, there are many things that we do not yet understand, but some of them may not be possible - more mysteries than secrets. For example, string theory describes the physics of the universe in terms of one-dimensional vibrating objects, such as "ships". Is the rope theory correct? You cannot create tests for test purposes. Very few, if any, understand the full consequences. But only because it is difficult. Or is it an impossible mystery?

The difference is significant. You can achieve difficult things, but you cannot achieve the impossible.
Remember the business version of the question against us: no one makes a valuable business? Each correct answer is, of course, a mystery, something possible, something difficult, but something that can be done. If there is a lot of privacy in the world, then of course there are many organizations that are changing the world. This section will help you to think about how to find the privacy.

Source: Peter Thiel from Zero One

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