The Multimillionaire process

Read the secret behind the story of how to become a multi-millionaire;

Many self-made millionaires build their fortunes through careful planning. They all have formulas and use them. No matter what you read or hear, wealth is not an event. Wealth does not fall from the sky or come from a gambling program. The doorbell doesn't ring and you're checked for balloons and a fridge-sized check on the porch. Wealth sticks, lemons and cherries don't come off the wheel.
Wealth is a process, not an event. Ask any chef and they will tell you that the perfect dish consists of a multitude of ingredients and a well-executed process of execution: a little more, a little more, at the right time, in the right place and with what you have. Good Appetite. Wealth accumulation has a similar mechanism of action - the fictional collection of many indistinguishable elements in one product.
Everything is valuable and worth millions.
Many people are preoccupied with events and then run out of resources
Whatever the process. There is no event without a process.
Take a moment to read it again. The process is run by millionaires and the events you see and hear are the result of that process. For chefs, cooking is a process and eating is a phenomenon.
For example, an athlete who has signed a $50 million contract to play professional basketball is out of the question. You see and hear the big thing, a big "rich" opportunity, but most of the time you ignore the process leading up to the event. This is a long and arduous process, you have four hours of daily training, midnight basketball games, arthritis, surgery and rehabilitation, resistance from a small college team and a local gang, have not seen the process.
You heard on the tech blog that a 20-year-old is selling an internet company for $30 million. The event was applauded and applauded. This is the wrong process - you haven't heard from the founder for long hours of coding. In the dark and cold days you don't hear him working
Garage. You won't hear how the business is 21.99% credit card based. You hear nothing from the 174,000-mile Toyota POS.

Avoid cost traps

J. Darius Bickf founded Glass Vitamin Water in 1996, and 11 years later Coca-Cola offered the company $4.1 billion. what is not The eleven-year struggle has intensified. A multi-billion dollar supply event is a process
fight and background.
My company's sales peaked at one event, but the rewards were booked. Strangers see a nice house and expensive cars and say, "Oh, I wish I was happy. Such a belief is a reflection of the process of an event.
All events of prosperity precede trial, trial, danger, fatigue, and sacrifice. If you try to skip the process, you will never face any incidents. Unfortunately, the media company I want now warmly welcomes the opportunity, but we begin the process by carefully removing the public's sweat. But if you want it long and hard, you'll always find the process in another story or last paragraph praising the event.
When you get your first million, it's not just a secret flow along the way, it's a result of the process. The process represents a resource path. The target appears to be an event, but it is in the process. Yes, the elevator to success will fall and you will have to climb the ladder.

Source Fastlane Millioner by MJ DeMarco

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