The Financial Roadmap to Wealth

What is your current schedule, if you are not special, study the next paragraph;

To chart your wealth path and build your business, start by reviewing your existing financial guide and options.
There are three financial maps.
1. Pedestrian map
2. Gradual road map
3. The Fastlane Guide
In these three maps there is a belief system psychology that defines the actions associated with each guide. After all, every guide works in a "mathematical" universe guided by mathematical equations. Regardless of the guide you choose, your wealth creation state adheres to the wealth formula of each map. Also, each guide is set to a specific destination.

This plant is as follows:
Pedestrian> - Poverty
Slowlane> - Average
Quick Line> - Resources

Whichever financial guide you follow, it prepares you for the destination based on the guide, the "main" guide. What is the actual content?
If you play blackjack and win 15 hands in a row, you are breaking a random major. The usual random situation is not 15 wins in a row. When a wild African lion was circumcised in Las Vegas, he trained to break his identity. A lion naturally wants to be wild, hunt, kill, feed and marry. The lion wants to get back to where he was
They bite the heads of some magicians. You must have the special right to violate the laws of real existence.
Also, all maps have real content that leads to poverty, middle class or wealth. For example, if you walk on the sidewalk, you may be poor. Although wealth can be gained using any map, it is unlikely to be gained in a non-resource-based guide.
Each roadmap contains key concepts, such as road signs, or "spiritual points," related directions, and actions, just like a roadmap.

These spiritual places are clear -
Imagine the guilt Are you controlling your debt or are you controlling your debt?
How is your viewing time assessed and treated? a lot? Flexible? Coincidentally?
Educational Awareness: What role does education play in your life?
Visualize money ፡ What is the role of money in your life? Money is a tool or a game? Too much or too little?
What is your main source of income ?
Significant Wealth Acceleration ፡ How can you accelerate your net worth and build wealth? Or are you?
Wealth Awareness How is wealth defined?
Asset Equity ፡ What is your financial plan for asset construction? What a comparison of wealth.
Determine the physical resources of the universe?
Is there a destination ? If so, what does it look like?
Accountability and control ፡ Are you in control of your life and financial planning?
VISUAL LIFE How do you live your life ? For future projects? Stop today
tomorrow? Or tomorrow for today?
Source: Fastlane Millionaire by MJ DeMARCO
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