The Essentials for Multimillionaire Travel

Here's what it takes to qualify for the Fastlane Millionaires Contest.

The formula for "The Road to Wealth" is like a long trip across the country.
Success requires you to practice goal setting - your tools
A journey (a process) to a goal (an event). There are four
Components of the success formula. They are:

Your travel compass, your roadmap, is the driving force behind your actions.
Your roadmap is your financial belief system - biases
Wealth and money concepts.

There are three road maps that describe your path to wealth.

1. You are your car. Nobody can travel but you. This is your car
A complex system consisting of oil, gasoline, engine, flywheel, etc.
Windshield, power supply, windshield, everything needs frequent adjustments
Service to maximize efficiency in travel.

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2. Your paths are the financial paths that you follow. For example, you can travel
How it works և So you have unlimited possibilities. You can be
Engineer, Project Manager, Doctor, Plumber, Truck Driver. Then:
These are business channels: you can be a real estate investor, a seller, etc.
Franchisor, Internet Marketer, or Inventor. Just like on the go
The roads of the countries are numerous, with millions of crossings.

3. Speed ​​is strength - your ability to move from idea to execution. you:
You can ride a Ferrari on an empty, straight road, but if you can't get there
metronome, do not move. Without speed, your roadmap is useless
Your car stops - your path becomes a dead end.

Source: Fast Track MJ DeMARCO Millionaire.
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