Starting and Enjoying the Millionaires Life

Realize the dream after many ups and downs, enrich the rich dignity,

Over the next 18 months, I took on new strengths to take the service to the next level. In retrospect, I wanted to prove to myself that I was not lucky enough to be caught up in the dot-com boom. I keep improving my website. I integrated new technologies and listened to customers. Automation and process have become my new passions.
There has been a slow and steady transition as I simplify my processes and systems. I worked more or less. Suddenly, instead of ten hours, I was working for an hour a day. But the money is gone. I went on a game tour to Vegas; The money has come. I will be sick for four days; The money has come. I will do business for a month; The money has come. I will rest for a month; Money is poured out
Then I realized what I had achieved. It was a fast track. I have made myself a living and fruitful real money tree. It was a prosperous money tree, making money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and I didn’t have to spend my life doing business.
It takes a few hours of water and sunlight a month, which I am happy to provide. By regular care, this means that the tree has grown, borne fruit, and given me the freedom to do what I want.
For the next few years I experienced laziness and jealousy. Of course, I worked a few hours a month, but most of the time I worked, I traveled, I played video games, I bought and drove fast cars, I chatted at dating sites, I bet - I was free because I had a money tree to replace it. . and brought a bountiful harvest every month.


Since I rebuilt my business, it has grown at an alarming rate. In a few months, I will earn over $ 200,000. Yes, win! A bad month is worth 100,000. I do in two weeks what most people do in a year. Wealth overflowed and I stepped off the radar ... without glory. How do you change your life if you earn 200,000 a month?
What are you going to run?
Where do you live?
Need to take a vacation?
Which school will your children go to?
Will hatred hang in your throat?
How fast can you become a millionaire? Four months or forty years?
Would it be a problem to take 6 coffee at Starbucks?
You see, when you get that kind of income, it's easy to get into the position of a millionaire. I was a millionaire when I was 33 years old. If I hadn't sold my business before,
I could have done it faster, but if you eat paper noodles and someone throws $ 1.2 million in your face, very few people say, "No, I'm done."
I bought my first Lamborghini and at a young age a prophetic dream of mine came true. Today, almost every week, I get the same question I asked many years ago. And now I have the answer I wanted to give and the answer I wanted to hear.
I resold my business in 2007. It’s time to dump her and move on. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. After consistently earning millions over the years, I accepted one of the full money offers and repeated the fastlane process in 10 minutes. How long did it take to collect six rupee check books?
Source: MJ DeMARCO's Millionaire Fastlane.


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