Seven Cures for Lean Purse ; Start your purse to Fattening

Arkady returned to the thinking man standing in the second row. "Good friend, what is your profession?" "I am a scribe," said the man, "and I carve notebooks on clay." “Even with this kind of work, I won the first copper myself. . That's why you have the same opportunities to build wealth. " I buy goats raised by farmers, kill them and sell them to housewives and leather to sandals. ' When he finished his questioning, he said, “Now, my students, you see that there are a lot of professions and a lot of professions where. people can make money.The earning potential is a stream of gold that diverts the employee. With his work he gets his share of the wallet. So the money for each of you, big or small, depends on your abilities. isn't this? Then they agreed. "So," continued Arkady, "if each of you wants to create wealth for yourself, isn't it wise to use the source of wealth that you have already created?"

Definition of ownership, possession and control

They agreed. Arkady turned to a humble man who called himself an egg trader. “If you choose one of your baskets, lay ten eggs every morning, nine eggs every night, what will happen in the end? "He'll be back in time." "Why?" "Because I lay more eggs than I lay every day."
Arkad returned to class with a smile. - Does a man here have a thin wallet? At first, they seemed amused. Then they laughed. Finally, they jokingly shook their bags. "All right," he continued. “Now I’m going to show you how I learned to manage a small wallet. Do exactly as suggested by the egg seller. For every ten coins you put in your purse, use less than nine. Your wallet is up and running. Call immediately, and the heavier weight will feel in your hands and your soul will enjoy it. "Don't laugh at what I say for its simplicity. The truth is always clear. I told you I would show you how I built my fortune. It was my beginning. I even took a thin bag, cursing there. It was nothing to satisfy my desires. But money- when I started taking out my wallet, it was nine
I put on ten, started to gain weight. It will be yours. "Now I'll tell you a weird truth, the reason why I don't know. If I stopped paying more than nine-tenths of my earnings, it could be done. I wasn't down. Hey! They came. Easier than before? that they have a certain part.
his earnings, will gold come easier? It also excludes gold that has empty pockets.
“What more do you want, is it to fulfill your daily desires, a strange, a little elegance?
better clothes, more food; Was it fast and forgotten? Where are the essential goods that generate income, gold, land, flocks, goods, investments?
Bring the coins you get from your wallet first. The coins you leave there bring the latter.
“This, my student, was the first drug I found in my little bag.
pass as nine. Discuss together. If anyone proves this to be true, say so tomorrow
when we see each other again "

Source: The richest man in Babylon, George S. von Klasson
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