Seven Cures for Lean Purse : Guard your Treasures from Loss

Here is a fourth lean lean regimen, please note;

“The lucky one loves a bright sign. The gold in a person's wallet must be kept safe or it will be lost.
So it's wise to get small amounts first and learn to protect them from the gods
trust us more. That's what Arcade said to his class on the fourth day.
“It's tempting to be able to make a lot of money for any gold owner
thanks to investments in the most credible projects. Often these people are eager to involve friends and family
Promote and continue investments. “The first good principle in investing is the safety of your principal debt. Is it wise to get higher returns if you lose the principal?
can be returned without hesitation. Don't let your romantic desire for riches fool you.
"Before you lend someone anything, make sure they have the ability to repay and are in good standing,
Not consciously giving away gifts from your sweaty sweetheart.
“Before you order this as an investment in any field, you should be aware of the potential risks
surrounds. “My first investment was a tragedy for me back then. I bequeathed the annual protection savings to a mason named Azmur, who sailed the distant seas and agreed to buy a strange Phoenician treasure from Tiron. After returning it, we would sell it again and distribute the profit. The Phoenicians were villains and sold him broken glass. my darling is lost Today, my preparation would immediately show me the folly of putting a mason in charge of buying gems. “Therefore, my advice, based on my experience, is don't overconfidence in your wisdom and leave your treasures in a potential investment trap. It is better to consult the wisdom of those who are experienced in handling money. These tips are free and can be easily used to get the amount of gold you want to invest. In fact, it's that important
if it protects you from depreciation.

Learn how to control costs

"So this is the fourth drug in a slim wallet, which is important if it prevents your wallet from being empty when it's full. Protect your treasury from losses by investing only where your capital is safe, where it can be returned. where you don't get a fair income. Turn to the wise. Advise those who are experts in handling gold to make a profit. May their wisdom keep the treasury of your risky investments. "

Source: "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George C. Clayson


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