Seven Cures for Lean Purse : Control your Expenditures

This is the second drug of a thin wallet, read the analysis carefully to get it.

"Some of your members, my students, asked me, 'How can you keep your entire tithe?'
he earns in his pocket if all the coins he earns do not cover the necessary expenses. And Arkad said to his disciples the next day, “How many of you were skinny yesterday?
"All of us," the class replied. “However, not all of you earn the same. Some earn more than others. Some have much larger families. However, not all wallets are so shaky. Now I will tell you the incredible truth about men, boys. What each of us calls our “essential expenses” will always come to our income unless we complain about the other. "Do not confuse the necessary expenses with your desires. Each of you, as in your good family, desires more than your income can satisfy. Therefore, your income goes to satisfy these desires as they pass. You still have many unfulfilled desires.
“Everyone is burdened with desires more than they can satisfy. Do you think it's because of my wealth?
Can I fulfill all desires? - This is a bad idea. My time has a limit. My strength is limited.
There is a limit to what I can do. There are limits to what I can eat. There is a limit
a taste I can appreciate. “I tell you that just as weeds grow in a field where the farmer gives way to their roots, so do desires grow freely in people when they can be satisfied. They are hearty, but few.
“Carefully study the life habits you have learned. Most often some can be taken here
costs that can be reasonably reduced or eliminated. Let your currency be one hundred percent of the appraised value required for each coin spent. “So cut everything out in clay
you want to spend. Choose what you need and others who make it possible, thank you
Nine-tenths of your income. Cut the rest and count as part of that size
many desires that should not be satisfied, do not regret.

Can we control our future?

“So plan your expenses as needed. Don’t touch even a tenth of the fat in your wallet. So.
your great wish will come true. Keep working with your budget, keep adjusting to help you. Make it your first aid to protect your feeder. »
One of the students in red and gold robes stood up and said, “I am a free man.
Believe me, it is my right to enjoy the best in life. So I rebelled against slavery
The budget determines how much I can spend and on what. I feel this will require a lot of inquiries
I am confident in my life, it makes me more of a burden ”.
Arcade replied. “Who, my friend, will determine your budget?
"I will do it myself," the protester replied. “In this case, if the budget was a burden, it would include jewelry, carpet and heavy gold bars. No: "He would put grass, grain and a bag of gold." “Water for the Desert Trail” “Budget helps your wallet
to gain weight. It is about helping you get the most out of your needs and other desires. It allows you to realize your most sincere desires, protecting them from your accidental desires. Like a bright light in a dark cave, your budget shows the cost of your wallet - allowing you to stop them - by controlling your spending for some satisfying purpose.
“So this is the second remedy from thin wallets. Plan your expenses so you can pay the coins.
for their own needs, for the payment of pleasures, for the satisfaction of cherished desires, without spending more than nine tenths of income. »

The first medicine for a thin wallet

Source: The richest man in Babylon is George C. Clason.


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