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The rise and fall of a millionaire search

After meeting Lamborghini, I consciously made an effort to discover famous and physically talented young millionaires. But I was not interested in all millionaires, only those who lived a rich and beautiful life. This experience led me to study an indefinite limited որոշ group, a small group of infamous millionaires who meet these criteria.

1. They lived or were able to live a prosperous life. I was not interested
I have heard of the saving millionaires living in the middle of the "neighbor".
2. Must be or be relatively young (up to 35 years old)
quick resource. I wasn't interested in people who spent 40 years of their life
Millions of jobs have been created. I wanted to be rich
Not the old, but the young.
3. They had to create themselves. I fell. lucky silver spoons
They didn't invite me to the Sperm lottery.
4. Their wealth includes fame, physical talent, professional ball game, acting,
Song or fun.

I was looking for a newbie millionaire like me, an ordinary person with no special skills or talents, he kind of grew up. In high school, I taught this millionaire how to change his religion. I read magazines, books, newspapers and watched documentaries about successful entrepreneurs. I've included something to think about for this small subset of millionaires.

90 seconds changed my life

Unfortunately, my desire to uncover the mystery of rapid wealth acquisition drove me to despair. I dreamed of being informed, overnight, forgetful, energetic, ready for credit card marketing. From "mini ads" to the Asian real estate mogul to her bikini yacht Vixen, I've had countless opportunities. None of them could afford the resources, despite advertisements and glamorous claims, busty models could not be realized.

As my knowledge quenched my hunger, enduring strangers with each other, my research revealed some very simple tricks. I was convinced that I presented the film "Millionaire Fastline", all the famous treasures. I have decided to be a rich young man and will travel after college. I didn't know what was in front of me - roadblocks,
Analysis և False.

I graduated from Northern Illinois University with two business degrees. The college brainwashes a five-year-old prenatal worker, terminating him as an exaggerated culmination. I saw college as an instinct for corporate drones; I և my job, managerial marriage և extra work ապրել living on a small salary. My friends were hired to do this great job, they were proud. "I work for Motorola." "I got a job at Northwestern Insurance." "Hertz Rental Car hired me as a training manager." When they were happy, my friends later accepted the lie I knew as Sloan. me? Thank you but no. I wanted to escape from Sloan like a medieval epidemic. My idea was to find Fastline և Rich Retirees և to retire young.

Source: Fastlane Millionaire by MJ DeMARCO
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