Looking Wealthy Versus Being Wealthy

Wherever you are, save your situation with more opportunities. Here's a lesson for everyone to remember

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I remember that day very well. After I sold my business in 2000, my lawyer gave me a down payment of 250,000.
"Hey, 250,000! I'm rich! I made it!" Now is the time to announce it to the world. I immediately imagined women wearing fast cars, designer clothes, speed boats and bikinis. I think I'm rich and I plan to show it.
Unfortunately, this fantasy is thousands of miles away from reality. Anyway, I tried. I bought a red caramel corvette convertible. Competition car? Check. Nordstrom designer clothes? Check. I was trying to find a boat until an accident on the internet left me unable to see my orgasm. I invested my new wealth in tech stocks and lost thousands of dollars. In just a few months, more than half of my "assets" had evaporated, and after speaking with my accountant, the other third would soon be gone to paying taxes.
Surprisingly, in the quest to get rich, real wealth has gone further. Not my job, not my business, not my income, not my little money, not my life, not the rich lifestyle I thought for the rich, could last forever. I'm not rich at all.
The illusion of wealth: the appearance of wealth
In pop culture, the illusory rich are called "30 billionaires." If you haven't heard this statement, it describes someone who maintains the image of a millionaire but has no total worth. These people are not hard to find. They drive BMWs with custom chrome rims, they wear designer clothes in fake French male curse gothic characters, they meet in the VIP section of the club and of course they order glass service on credit. These guys are bold newcomers with a great A-play, but behind all their brilliance and money, they are bad masters of their masters.
The problem of getting rich and rich is easy with the former and not the latter. Easy loans and long-term monthly financing options (not paying for a year!) are great ways to help you buy into the illusion of wealth. Society has convinced you that you can get rich
Purchased at the mall, car dealership, or store. Like the initial spending frenzy of cashing my first check, this picture of wealth should serve as an advertisement to the world: "I'm rich!"
How are you? When you finance a Mercedes Benz for 80,000 for six years, it's not luck, it's luck. You are fooling yourself and this is the fast track. But still don't jump; This is not advice on how not to spend money on expensive German sedans. It's not worth it. Wealth lies in knowing what you can have in your freedom, not in the car.
Freedom to join sellers, find your value, pay cash and go. I bought a new Lexus as a gift for my brother. This is the easiest operation I can do.
I tested the car and determined the price I was willing to pay. I went to the store with a cash receipt and told the seller, “I have $44,000 and I want to buy this car. I need yes or no.
Twenty minutes later I bought a Lexus. It is wealth, not imitation of wealth.
When I go to the gym, I walk past a dilapidated house near the highway. In the parking lot, I always see the same car parked: a shiny black Cadillac Escalade with special 22-inch chrome wheels. Do you see any inconsistencies? You live in a dilapidated apartment but you drive a $60,000 car.
$10,000 for wheels? Can I view the monitor on these headphones and listen to stereo with 24 speakers? Hey, 90 grams of figs and two dollars in common sense. Wouldn't it make more sense to focus on owning a great house in a great area instead of renting the busiest car in Marbella Park? Priorities: Some want to be rich, some want to be rich.

How to focus your confidence on resources

Fake wealth destroys true wealth
"False wealth" is the illusion that wealth does not belong to them. He believed in the definition of wealth in society. I don't understand that seeking "false wealth" is so destructive: it destroys real wealth.
As the gap between real wealth and fake wealth widens, hopes are shattered and disaster strikes. Like the Chinese handcuffs, the more you try to give to the rich, the harder the poverty becomes. Wealth can't be bought at a Mercedes dealer, but your freedom can be lost.
This is the freedom lost in wealth transfer. People look for wealth icons, but they don't have freedom and when you don't have freedom, it's stored in real wealth, health and other relationship elements.
Henry Sucarno bought his dream home near Baltimore for 8 1.8 million. Henry's career is growing as a pharmaceutical agent in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies. His spacious home has everything you need, including a swimming pool, stables and a spectacular five-car garage. Henry bought "I did it!" Makes sense. . . . About eight weeks.
Company policies and job shortages hampered Henry's career, forcing him to work long hours. This includes another area occupied by newly released employee Henry working two hours a day and having to travel along the east coast. He's on the road, or on a plane, or lying down. There's a disturbing clarity from the long term: Henry rarely "lives" in his dream home, and when he does, he either falls asleep or escapes the busy work week.
Relations with his wife and children deteriorated. As the burden of responsibility increases, so will your health. Henry recalls a moment of truth: "I didn't live the dream, but my dream was to make it come true." Caught in the joy of a lifetime, Henry continues to work believing in his own ideals of wealth.
Notice how the destruction of liberty strikes the remnants of the brotherhood's wealth. Improper material products affect our health and relationships. The suffering of the rich man is that he is the enemy of true wealth: he destroys freedom, he destroys health, and he destroys relationships.
First, The Millionaire Fastlane Resources focuses on the Freedom part of the three, because freedom protects health and relationships.
Only you can determine your freedom and how you want to live. If you want the freedom of flying a private jet, this is it. If you want minimal freedom to live, this is for you. Freedom is different for everyone! In your personal definition, as opposed to the community version, you'll find most of your resource puzzles point to sidewalk cleaners.

This resource Author of Strong Family Relationships,
fitness and health And freedom - not with material goods.
Uncomfortable Material resources var The trio of wealth is destructive.

Source: Millionaire Fastlane MJ DeMARCO.


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