How to Find Secrets

There are two kinds of mysteries: the mysteries of nature and the mysteries of man. We are surrounded by natural mysteries; To find them, you need to study some aspects of the unknown physical world. Riddles about people are different: this is what people hide because they themselves do not know or because others do not want to know. So, when it comes to starting a business, there are two different questions: what is nature telling you? What is the secret of man
can i tell you

How to find success?

It is easy to think that the secrets of nature are the most important: those who seek them can have great influence. That is why it is very difficult to work with physicists, because they know the most basic truth, they think they know the whole truth. But does an understanding of electromagnetic theory automatically make a great marriage counselor? Does an attractiveness theorist know more about your work than you do? I once interviewed a PhD in physics for an engineer position at PayPal. When I got to the middle of my first question, he yelled, “Stop! I already know what to ask! But he was wrong. It was the simplest decision I have ever made. Mysteries about people are largely underrated. Maybe because it doesn't take ten years of higher education to ask the following questions: What are they not allowed to talk about? What is prohibited or prohibited? Sometimes this leads to a search for natural intimacy and a search for human intimacy.
Let's get back to the truth: exceptional privacy: competition and capitalism are opposites. If you don't already know it, you can find it out naturally and empirically: study the quantitative advantages of a business's profitability and you will see that it outperforms the competition. But you can approach and humanly and ask: what do those who manage the companies say? You will find that monopolies lower their monopoly status to escape control while competitors increase their strategic uniqueness. The differences between companies seem small; In fact, they are monsters.
The best place for privacy is where no one is looking. Most people only think about what they have learned; The school itself is aimed at teaching traditional knowledge. So you ask yourself: Are some of these areas important but not standardized and institutionalized? Physics, for example, is a real specialty in every major university and is defined in its own way. Astrology can be the opposite of physics,
But astrology doesn't matter. What about food? Nutrition is important for everyone, but you can't go to Harvard. The best scientists go to other fields. Most of the mainstream research was done 30 or 40 years ago, and most of it is seriously flawed. The food pyramid that promised us to eat less fat and more grains was probably the result of more lobbying than real science; Its main effect is to exacerbate the obesity epidemic. We still have a lot to learn: we know more about the physics of distant stars than we do about human nutrition. It won't be easy, but certainly not impossible: an area that can reveal intimacy.

Source: A Fleet From Scratch by Peter Thiel.

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