How Belief can Direct in Acquiring Wealth

Here is your guide to creating your own wealth address,

If you do not know where you are going, how do you know when you will get there? If your destination is indefinite, you may never reach it and may not reach it. Tickets are available on a card, not on a dart board. Just as financial failure does not stumble with poverty, self-made millionaires do not stumble financially. two and
Direct results of the selected financial roadmap and actions and beliefs built from this roadmap. Your financial roadmap is perfect for you and is the first tool on your wealth journey.
Your current financial situation is the result of your existing registration, whether you have been selected or not. Your roadmap directs your actions, and the consequences of those actions shape your financial life. The course of your life will depend on your choices, and those choices will flow from your belief system, and those beliefs will flow from your predetermined road map. if you want to change
Change your life, your choices. You need to change your belief system to change your preferences. Your belief system is defined in your history.

How does faith affect money management? Faith precedes choice, which precedes action. For example, if you believe that "the rich got rich by investing in mutual funds," your actions reflect that belief. When a financial professional tells you to pay off your credit card, it means "all debt is bad." As one writer puts it, "Investing 50 Birr today will cost $ 10 million in 40 years," and if he believes that, his actions reflect that belief. Faith is a powerful process that leads to action. Our parents told us that Santa was right and we believed in him. We put the cookies away, looked out the window at the flying deer and thought how he put the fat donkey under the stove. We believe what we have learned until we gather conflicting evidence.
Your belief system works like a road map, a compass can take you on a lifelong journey if you make a mistake. False map of false beliefs; They will take you to the end of the dead, where the "next generation treasure" will not come.

Source: Fastlane Millioner by MJ DeMARCO

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