Get Rich Slow is a losing tactics

Here is an example of a slow tactic,

If you want to get rich and your strategy is "Go Slow", I have bad news for you. It's a losing game when your playing time is at stake. Do you really think the guy who lives in that seaside mansion got rich on the street in a $ 500,000 supercar because he invested in mutual funds? Or clip the coupons from your local Super-Saver. Obviously not us. So why do we trust us?
this advice as a legal path leading to wealth and financial freedom. Tell me about a 22-year-old man who got rich by investing in mutual funds. Name me someone who has made millions in three years by reaching the maximum of 401 (k). Tell me about a guy in his twenties who got good coupons. Where are all these people? They do not exist. These are stories of the impossible. Yet we continue to rely on the same old-fashioned and weary group of financial media-loving people who espouse these doctrines of wealth. Yes sir, work hard, work 50 years, save, live stupidly, invest in the stock market, the day of your freedom will soon come.
hit 70, and if the scholarship is good and you're lucky, then 60. Doesn't this "wheelchair luck" financial plan sound exciting? In today's turbulent financial climate, I'm surprised people still believe these strategies work. Didn't the recession lead to slowing wealth?
this is a lie? From what I understand, if you work for 40 years and avoid a 40% market crash, then "Get Rich Slow" works. Keep calm, work, hope that death does not find you sooner, that you become the richest child in the orphanage.

How to multiply your gold?

The "Get rich slowly" message is clear. Sacrifice the present, your dreams and your life for a dividend-paying project as much of your life has evaporated. Let me be rude. If the path to your wealth consumes your active adult life and is not guaranteed, then this path is bad. A path to wealth that depends on Wall Street and fixes itself over time on your life, because the game is a dirty and rotten path.
However, the default plan continues to enjoy the power offered and enforced by a legion of self-righteous "financial experts" who enrich themselves not with their own advice, but with their millionaire Fastlane. Slow fortune tellers know something they don't tell you. what they learn doesn't work, but it works.

Source: Fastlane Millionaire by MJ DeMARCO.


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