Finding the Source of Wealth, Not Following the Sidewalk Roadmap

Some of us don't really know in which direction to go, we listen to the instructions of others, we are more comfortable going there than others have already left. But how do you do all that cool stuff and get rich?

Most people have been on the sidewalk their whole life and follow the sidewalk guide. Sidewalk is the most popular plan, a contract for a pleasant today instead of tomorrow.
Sidewalker exists in a unique state. The album failed due to a meltdown. Agreement violated. Demolition concert. Dismissal. On the sidewalk, you're still "something" homeless, broke, or in your parents' basement.
Yes, some sidewalks make a lot of money, but none of them ever make a fortune. Don't let the contradiction fool you. The sidewalk has no exit, just an "END END" sign to warn of impending punishment. A sidewalk trip is a financial trip whose destination:
usually dies in a bankruptcy or account crisis.

What is a sidewalk?

The financial destination of the sidewalk does not exist. The plan is not to have a plan. The extra money is immediately spent on the next amazing device, the next trip, the next newest car, the next hot style or the next trendy fashion. The sidewalks are carelessly taken in the “service of life”, fueled by the pressing and greedy need for immediate pleasure, image or entertainment. This continues the cascade cycle, which:
It spins faster every month, increases the speed of the load, and constantly slaves the pavement in its work or activity.
The sidewalk is the busiest street because it is the street with the least resistance. Her mermaid song is an instant delight, and the cash is a hot potato that trades quickly with the last treat of the day. Want to see how people live and think about sidewalks? Watch the Judge Judy TV show for a few hours. Daughters suing their mothers for $100, people denying responsibility, consequences of ignorance, people.
want free rent. Seriously, the show needs to be renamed Vita on the sidewalk.

Pavement Thoughts

The Sidewalker Guide contains behavioral characteristics that guide the Sidewalker's actions. These mindsets are instructions or "spiritual placements" that guide the Path throughout life.
Feeling of guilt.
The loan allows me to buy well now. Credit cards, consolidation loans, car payments. they supplement my income և help me enjoy my life today. If I love now, I will have it now.

What is your confidence in wealth?

Perception of time.
Time is abundant և I spend money like there's no tomorrow. Shit, I could die in two weeks, but you couldn't take it with you.
Perception of education.
I finished school when I finished, huh!
Collection of money.
If you have it, show it. Why save for a rainy day? I spend every coin I earn, և most of my bills are paid on time. Isn't this a tax liability?
The main source of income.
Whatever the price of the concert, I will do it. I look for money when I was a child. Everything has to do with Benjamin. Primary prosperity accelerator.
Net revenue. I go to the casino, I buy lottery tickets, I have an active lawsuit against an insurance company... is it worth it?
Perception of wealth.
Whoever dies with the most toys wins.
Wealth comparison.
This is the formula for my wealth (wealth = income + debt).
Which way? I live for today և I can't worry about tomorrow.
Responsibility և control.
Something bad is happening to me. My husband kisses me. I am a victim. It's someone else's fault.
Perception of life.
Live today, live in hell tomorrow. Life is too short to plan more than 30 days. You can't take it with you! You are only new once. Besides, one day I'll hit him hard.

Source: The Millionaire's Fast Track by MJ DeMARCO

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