Cures for a Lean Purse ; Make your Dwelling a Profitable for investment

The soft bag is the fifth decision, read carefully and come,

“If a man spends nine parts of his income on life and enjoyment, and if he has a share
Thus, these nine components can be turned into a profitable investment without compromising their safety.
His wealth is growing rapidly. “Arkad also performed in front of his class in the fifth grade.
“Most Babylonians raised their families in the wrong place; You paid for it.
Their wives are suing landlords for renting a room without flowers.
It is pleasing to the woman, and her children have nowhere to play except in an unclean way.
“A boy's family can't have fun if he doesn't have land to play with.
On a pure land, a woman can grow not only flowers, but also her family can grow good and rich plants. “The heart is more cunning and desperate. Effort Therefore, I recommend everyone to have a roof to protect themselves and themselves. Didn't our great king expand the walls of Babylon?

This is how you protect your property from damage.

“I also tell my students that loan sharks love to adapt to the needs of the people they want.
House and land for the family. Builders and builders can easily take out a loan to pay.
It would be commendable if you could contribute a reasonable amount of money to the project.
Then, when the house is built, you will be able to pay your creditors regularly, just like you.
payment to the landlord. Because each payment reduces your debt to creditors for years to come.
He will return your loan.
“Then your heart will rejoice, because you have your own treasure, which is dear to you
The only expense is the royal tax.
"And you want your good wife to go to the river and wash your clothes regularly so you can come back every time you come back."
Bring bowls of water to water the growing material.
“Many blessings come to those who have a home. And significantly reduces costs
Live, earn more money for your happiness and contentment. That,
So, the fifth solution for leather bags is your own home.

Source: Rich Man in Babylon by George S. Clasen.

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