Cures for a lean Purse ; Insure your Future Income

Start earning and investing in your future source of income, read the details,

"Everyone's life goes from childhood to old age. This is life and not
man can move away from it if the gods do not call on the other world first. that's why I say
When a man is not young, he should be ready to earn a decent income in the future, and he should be ready to comfort and help him when he is not with his family.
If time has reduced your ability to learn, this lesson will teach you everything. »
Arcade therefore returned to his class on the sixth day. "She is OK
The laws of wealth, with increasing incomes, must think of the future these days. should plan
certain investments or provisions that may last for years, but whether they exist
The moment he had been waiting so carefully for was approaching. '.' There are many ways for a man to become a professional
security videos for your future. He can offer shelter and bury a hidden treasure there. However, no
Whoever hides his skill, you can be a captive of thieves. Therefore, I do not recommend this plan.
"A person can buy a house or land for this. If its usefulness and evaluation is reasonable
they have a fixed value in the future and revenues or sales will be good
"A person can lend a small amount to a lender and increase it regularly.
adds that lust will greatly increase its rise. I know a sandal maker named Ansan,
recently explained to me that he is giving up his money for eight years a week
Borrow two silver coins. The lender recently told him what accounting is
Very happy. The total amount of your small deposit is a quarter of your regular rent
the price was four thousand and forty pieces of silver every four years.
"I was happy to show my knowledge of numbers and encourage him more.
If at the age of twelve he kept only two silver coins a week in his ordinary savings, the borrower owed him four thousand silver coins, which was a worthy competition for the rest of his life.

Make a profitable investment in your home

"Of course, if such a small regular payment gives such a profitable result, no.
despite the prosperity of human business and investment, it cannot guarantee the treasure of old age and the protection of the family.
"I prefer to talk more than that," he said. I think one day they will be wise people
Develop a death insurance plan that many people regularly pay small amounts of,
the sum that generates significant amounts for the family of each member going abroad. I do it
this is something I would like to recommend and highly recommend. But this is not possible today, because it is so
to work, you have to go beyond the life of any person or society. He must be stable as a king.
throne. I feel that one day such a plan will come true, and it will be a great blessing for many.
in fact, even the first small payment will give a nice amount at the disposal of a loved one
should continue.
"But we must use it because we live in our time, not in the future.
these are the ways and means to achieve our goals. Therefore, I recommend it to all men.
they offer a light purse in old age in wise and thoughtful ways. In fact
for a person who can no longer earn a thin purse, or for a headless family - a painful tragedy.
"So this is the sixth treatment for a thin purse. Meet your needs early and protect your family."

Source: "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George C. Clayson

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