Here's How to Remove Paint on Hands, Guaranteed Effective!

How to remove paint marks on hands needs special treatment. The reason is, paint includes stubborn and sticky stains that are not easy to remove.

There are two types of paint based on the basic ingredients of the maker, namely: oil-based and water-based. Paint sample water-based are acrylic and fabric dyes. This type of paint is easier to clean with soap.

However, oil-based paints or oil-based more difficult to clean because of its sticky nature and sticks strongly. Generally this type of paint is used to paint wood and iron.

So, how to remove paint on hands easily? Find the tips below.

How to Remove Paint on Hands

Although it sounds difficult, in fact how to remove paint on hands is quite easy. Here are the steps you can take.

Wash with Liquid Soap


Yes, you can clean stubborn paint with just ordinary hand washing liquid soap. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using detergent or dish soap to wash your hands.

If there is no special soap for washing hands, it is better to use bath soap as an alternative.

now, because the paint stains stick to your hands, you will need additional tools to remove the paint marks. After scrubbing your hands with soap until they are foamy, use a cloth to rub the paint off.

Use a little force when scrubbing with the cloth so that the paint stain can be lifted completely. However, do it carefully so that your hands don’t get scratched or hurt.

Use Acetone

how to remove paint on hands

How to remove paint on hands will be easier by using acetone. This liquid is specially formulated to clean nails from nail polish.

now, because the structure of paint is similar to nail polish, even acetone can lift these stubborn stains easily. Just like using acetone to remove nail polish, you can apply acetone directly to the stain.

However, to make the cleaning process easier, pour acetone on a cotton swab or cloth first. Then, use the cotton swab or cloth to rub the paint stain clean.

Next, you can wash your hands as usual with soap and clean water.

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Use Alcohol

The way to remove paint on your hands is not just any alcohol, yes, Pins, but alcohol which is usually used to clean wounds.

How to use it to remove paint stains is also very easy. First of all, clean the paint stains with soap. Scrub until the paint stain is removed as much as possible.

For stubborn paint stains, apply rubbing alcohol to your hands and rub gently until the stain lifts.

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Pour in Vegetable Oil or Baby Oil

how to remove paint on hands

How to remove paint on hands can also be done by using oil that is usually used for cooking. You are free to use any type of vegetable oil, either olive oil, palm oil, or coconut oil.

The important thing is to use oil that is still new, yes, because used oil can leave the smell of food. Especially if the oil is used to fry sharp-scented foods such as salted fish or petai.

As an alternative, you can use baby oil. Its effectiveness is the same because the oil here functions as a lubricant to lift paint stains that are oil-based.

Before using the oil, clean your hands with paint stains first with soap and warm water. Then, apply oil and rub gently until the paint stain is lifted.

If necessary, add salt as scrub so that it can lift paint stains more easily. Once the paint stain is removed, wash your hands again with soap to remove any traces of oil.

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Spread Peanut Butter


Who would have thought you could use peanut butter as a way to remove paint on your hands? The way it works is similar to cooking oil, namely as a lubricant that makes the paint cleaning process lighter.

After washing your hands with soap as usual, take enough peanut butter and apply it all over your hands. Rub repeatedly until the paint stain is completely removed.

Don’t forget to wash your hands again with soap to remove the sticky peanut butter.

Take advantage of mayonnaise

how to remove paint on hands

The use of mayonnaise is the same as peanut butter. This method is effective for removing oil-based paint.

Just as before, apply mayonnaise on the surface of your hands after washing your hands with soap. Then, rub your hands until the paint is peeled off and rinse.

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Use Eucalyptus Oil


Apply eucalyptus oil to the stained area of ​​the skin, then rub it over the skin to loosen the paint for a few minutes.

If the stain is still stubborn, you can add eucalyptus oil and let it sit for a few minutes. If necessary, use a cloth or sponge to help remove stubborn paint stains.

If the paint stain is completely removed, wash your hands again with soap as usual.

use Thinner or Spirit

how to remove paint on hands
(Impressive Interior Design)

Thinner is a special product commonly used to dissolve oil-based paints. Therefore, cleaning paint stains with thinner so very practical. You can get this product at building stores.

Thinner itself is generally made of spiritual materials. So, if there’s no thinneryou can replace it with spiritus.

Its use is very practical just by applying thinner on the paint stain then rub it a little. Paint stains will break down easily.

It is just, thinner contains harmful chemicals, especially if you have sensitive skin. Before pouring thinner a lot, it’s a good idea to check first how your skin reacts to thinner.

Apply a little thinner on the skin surface. If there is no irritation reaction or feels hot, it means use thinner quite safe for your skin.

What to note, Pins is not recommended to use thinner too often in the long run. Instead, use the alternative methods above which tend to be safer.

Those are some ways to remove paint marks on your hands that you can try. Once you’ve successfully removed all the paint stains, your hands may turn red from the rubbing and chemical exposure.

Therefore, Pins is recommended to immediately use moisturizer after applying how to remove paint on hands.

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