Here are 15 rules to keep the house clean

Applying a series of rules to keep the house clean trains Pins to get used to living in an orderly and neat manner. It also saves effort to clean the house as a whole, especially on weekends.

You see, a clean house certainly increases comfort for its residents. It also prevents the emergence of germs, you know. What’s more, guests will be more comfortable and feel at home for long.

Therefore, applying the rules of house hygiene is important for a more comfortable and safe life, Pins! Here are the ‘unwritten’ rules that you should try now!

List of Rules for Keeping the House Clean

To keep your house clean, there are some rules that you need to apply. What are the rules to keep the house clean? Check below!

Make the Bed


The rules for maintaining the cleanliness of the house should start from the room that is used most often. The bedroom deserves attention because Pins often rests here every day.

Get in the habit of tidying up your bedroom, especially your bed, every time you wake up. Fold the blanket and tidy up the sheets and other bedding.

Use a stick or broom to clean the dust on the bed. Dry the pillows and bolsters to avoid the musty smell.

Clean the Bathroom Periodically

Clean the Bathroom Periodically

The most humid room in the house is the bathroom. In addition, high humidity can also cause mold. That’s why you have to regularly clean the bathroom, at least once a week. In addition, apply these rules to keep the bathroom clean:

  • Flush the toilet several times to prevent clogging.
  • Avoid throwing objects into the toilet or sink.
  • Put some camphor to neutralize odors and absorb moisture.
  • Use baking soda or vinegar to clean crusty stains on bathroom tiles.

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Do Declutter Items

Get rid of items that are not used or rarely used. Keep it in storage or donate it. That way, goods will not pile up and hinder movement access.

Every time you buy something new, you should prioritize it. Distinguish between needs and wants. Many people like to store things that are not used anymore. On the other hand, these items also take up space.

Wash clothes at least once every two days

Wash clothes at least once every two days

One of the rules to keep the house clean every day is not to pile up dirty clothes. The reason is, clothes that are not washed immediately will cause odor and easily become a nest of germs.

It is advisable to wash clothes at least once every two days. Do not mix wet clothes with dirty clothes that are still dry if you don’t wash them immediately.

The impact will make other dirty clothes easily moldy. Sort the clothes to be washed according to the material and method of care. That way, clothes are clean and durable to use.

Always Return Items to Their Place

Always Return Items To Their Place

Always try to return items to their original place. This simple step is able to keep the house tidy.

When Pins needs something, it’s also easy to find it. Household appliances are safe from damage and the house is always clean.

Sweeping Every Day

Sweeping Every Day

Don’t be lazy to sweep the floor every day. Allow 15 minutes to clean the floor at night.

If the room is large enough, use a dustpan to remove dust. Collect dust at several points and then remove it using a dustpan.

Every weekend after sweeping the floor can be directly mopped. The function of mopping is to maximize floor cleanliness. The floor is more polished and crusty stains can be lifted perfectly.

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Spray Disinfectant

Spray Disinfectant

If possible, don’t forget to spray disinfectant to get rid of germs and viruses that stick. The rules for maintaining the cleanliness of the house need to be applied to household appliances that are often used.

Disinfectants are also used to mop floors, while to kill germs on hands, use an antiseptic.

Take off your shoes when you enter the house

Take off your shoes when you enter the house

How to reduce dirt or dust on the floor can get used to taking off shoes when entering the house. Put the shoes on the shelf after use.

Provide individual slippers for everyone, including guests. Dirt can be carried through footwear such as sandals or shoes used when leaving the house.

Clean your shoes regularly to keep them comfortable. Pins can also deodorize shoes by drying them in the sun. Don’t forget to wash your feet every time you enter the house after activities outside, OK?

Dry in the sun if it smells musty. After doing activities outside the house, take the time to wash your feet when you enter the house.

Use Doormat

Use a mat afterwards so that your feet dry quickly after washing. Wet feet can leave marks on the floor.

The function of the mat apart from drying the feet can also be used to filter the remaining dirt. Place the mat in the living room, bathroom and other rooms.

Provide Tissue and Wipe

Prepare Tissue & Wipes

Provide a tissue or cloth in an easily accessible place. For example in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom.

If there is spilled food or stains, it can be cleaned immediately without having to wait for it to dry. Dried stains will easily crust and be difficult to remove.

Put Trash in Every Room

Put several trash cans in each room. Place it in the bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen. Line the inside of the trash can with a plastic bag. If the trash can is almost full, throw it in the trash outside the house immediately.

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Wipe the Kitchen and Tables Every Night

rules to keep the house clean, wipe the kitchen & table every night

After cooking food, try to get into the habit of cleaning the stove and countertops with a clean cloth. This is to lift the remnants of food left on the table and can invite ants or lizards.

This is especially important when you are frying something because the oil can splash all over the place. If it is still difficult to remove with a normal tissue, dampen a cloth. Then, rub gently until the stain is completely removed.

Immediately Wash the Dishes

the rules to keep the house clean, wash the dishes immediately

After you finish cooking or eating, wash the dishes immediately. Do not pile up cooking and eating utensils as this can attract rats. We recommend that you always eat in the dining room. Do not eat in the bedroom or on the carpet.

Clean the carpet once a week

rules to keep the house clean Clean the carpet once a week

Another rule to keep the house clean is to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner on the surface and under the carpet.

Clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum not only the surface of the carpet but also under the carpet.

When washing the carpet, hang it on the fence and then spray it with water at high speed. Direct the dust down and dry in the sun to dry.

Give Each Resident Responsibilities

Rules to keep the house clean Give the responsibility of every occupant of the house

Cleaning the house is a shared task with the residents of the residence. Share the cleaning tasks so that this homework doesn’t feel heavy. Make sure everyone has a clear role. Apply the rules so that the cleanliness of the house is maintained at all times.

Those are some rules to keep the house clean that you can apply in the house. Hope it is useful!

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