6 Ways to Make Air Freshener from Natural Ingredients

How to make air freshener with natural ingredients is not difficult you know. Besides being free from harmful chemicals, making your own air freshener is also more efficient.

In addition, you are free to choose the scent you want, whether it’s with a distinctive fruity aroma, flowers, or herbs. Making air freshener is also at the same time an alternative way to utilize the existing waste at home.

How to make room freshener

Curious how to make air freshener from natural ingredients? Check out the following description!

Fruit and Flower Air Freshener

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The first way to make air freshener is to use fruit or flowers. This method will produce a -shaped air freshener spray which you can spray as needed.

To make air freshener spray, you will need the basic ingredients in the form of pieces of fruit or flowers, alcohol, and water. Also prepare a bottle spray as a container for air freshener that has been finished.

You don’t have to buy a new one, you can use a used spray bottle for deodorizing clothes.

First of all, choose the base material that will be the fragrance of the fragrance. You can choose fruits that have a sharp and fresh aroma, such as pineapple, lemon, and mango kweni. If you prefer a floral scent, you can use rose or jasmine petals.

Next, first cut the fruit or flower petals that have been prepared earlier. Then, soak it in water and alcohol overnight.

The use of alcohol here serves as a spay disinfectant to kill germs. In addition, the use of alcohol also reduces humidity levels when air freshener is sprayed.

Don’t forget to cover the fruit or flower slices, yes. Otherwise, the alcohol content will simply evaporate. After soaking overnight, then filter the soaking water and put it in a bottle spray. Air freshener is ready to use!

Air Freshener from Fruit Peel

how to make air freshener from fruit peel

Have kitchen waste in the form of fruit peels? Don’t just throw it away. You can use it as a natural air freshener.

The fruit peels that are suitable for making air fresheners are those with a sharp and fresh aroma. In addition, a good fruit skin for making air freshener is one that dries easily and the texture is not soggy.

Avoid using juicy fruit skins because of the risk of rotting quickly. Examples of fruit peels that can be used are orange and lemon peels. In addition to the fresh aroma, these two fruits also have antiseptic properties so they don’t rot easily.

How to make air freshener from natural ingredients of fruit skin is to add sea salt. The function of the sea salt in this mixture is to strengthen the aroma of the orange and lemon peels.

You can also add herbs or spices to further strengthen the aroma. The choice of additional ingredients is free, but try to dry it so it doesn’t rot quickly. For example:

  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Sage
  • Thyme

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Air Freshener Candles


If you like using aromatherapy candles to scent your room, now is the time to try making your own. It’s easy.

To make aromatherapy candles that smell good, you will need basic ingredients in the form of candles and fragrance. Use a choice of natural fragrances such as the aroma of coffee, lavenderjasmine, or vanilla.

The thing to note here, ideally the perfume used is essential oils. This is so that the solution essential oils dissolves with wax, because water cannot dissolve with wax.

How to make it, first melt the wax on the stove or inside microwave. Use a heat-resistant container to melt it.

Then, drip essential oils your choice. You can also mix several scents to create a unique scent, for example the aroma of coffee with vanilla extract.

Stir the wax solution and essential oils until evenly mixed. Then, pour it into the wax container that has been previously wicked. Wait for it to cool and the wax will harden on its own. Voila! Your homemade aromatherapy candle is ready to go!

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Water Gel Freshener

how to make gel air freshener
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Not only in form spray and candles, you can also make air freshener in the form of a gel. The texture in the form of a gel has its own uniqueness because the fragrance can last longer.

To make water gel freshener, you will need gelatin as a base for gelling. As for creating a fragrant aroma, you can add fruit, flowers, and spices.

How to make it is to boil the skin of fruit, flowers, or spices with water until the aroma comes out. Use one glass of water and boil until the water has reduced to half a cup.

Next, add the gelatin and mix thoroughly. Then, strain and pour in a container. Let it form a gel and water freshener your creation is ready to use!

There is also a more practical way, namely by using essential oils. After boiling a cup of water, add a few drops essential oils and gelatin.

To make it look more attractive, you can add color or dried flower petals.

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Infused Air Freshener


As the name suggests, how to make infused air freshener similar to making infused water. It’s just that, so that the aroma comes out more, you need to boil natural ingredients with water.

For the choice of aroma, Pins can use a variety of natural ingredients ranging from flowers, fruit, leaves, to spices. For example pandan leaves, basil leaves, mintclove, rosemaryvanilla, and so on.

After preparing the natural ingredients for making air freshener, boil the ingredients on low heat until the water recedes. When the boiling process is in progress, a fragrant aroma will waft and scent the entire room.

If you want something more practical, you can also heat it up vanilla extract or other materials with microwave.

Air Freshener from Dried Flowers and Herbs

how to make air freshener from dried flowers and herbs

Pins can also make pleasant fragrances with a mix of dried flowers and spices. You can use dried flowers or herbs, such as peppermint, rosemary, lavender.

Tie the dried herbs and flowers and place them in a vase. Besides scenting the room, these dried flowers and leaves are also interesting to look at.

now, that’s how to make air freshener from natural ingredients. Not difficult, right? Hope it inspires!

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