15 Brands of Long Lasting Clothing Deodorizer

Almost everyone likes to look neat and smell good. Yes, with a neat and fragrant appearance makes us more pleasing to the eye. Usually for the sake of having a neat and fragrant appearance, many of us will hunt for perfumes and good clothes. But not only perfume and clothes, clothes deodorizer also plays an important role in keeping your clothes neat and fragrant you know! That’s why it’s important to use long-lasting fragrances.

But indeed in choosing a fragrance, of course, it cannot be arbitrary. In addition to the selection of fragrances with materials that are safe for the skin, Pins of course also wants a fragrance that can stick to clothes for a long time so that the clothes will still smell good all day long. For those of you who have difficulty choosing the best fragrance, here Pinhome shares 15 long-lasting clothing fragrance brands through the reviews below!

Washing clothes is done so that clothes are clean and there are no bacteria that can harm the body. Not only that, washing clothes will also make your clothes smell good. But besides washing, it’s also important you know to use perfume on clothes. This will make your clothes have a longer lasting fragrance. For those of you who like scented clothes, here is a list of fragrance brands that will make your clothes smell good all day long.



Molto is one of the most popular detergent brands. This brand is of very good quality, and has even won Top Brand Awards 5 times in a row. Molto has clothing fragrance products that are available in many variants. This Molto fragrance has a long lasting fragrance on clothes. Not only that, this clothes deodorizer can also make clothes more slippery so they are easy to iron.



The next long-lasting fragrance brand is Downy. This clothing deodorizer is both a deodorizer and a lubricant for clothes. So by using this product, your clothes will not only smell good, but will also be easier to iron. Just like Molto, this fragrance brand is also available in many variants that will give you many choices.



Kispray is a very popular clothing lubricant and deodorizer. This clothing deodorizer is available in many scent variants that make you have many choices. Kispray not only makes your clothes smell nicer, but also protects Pins clothes from bacteria that can make clothes stink when you sweat.



Maybe many of Pins don’t know that Cussons also has clothing fragrance products. Yes, Cussons is indeed famous for its products baby care like lotion, shampoo, soap and much more. Even though they are famous for their products baby carethis clothing fragrance product from Cussons is no less good you know! The content in this product has been formulated as well as possible so as not to cause hypersensitivity to the baby’s skin which is still vulnerable. Not only that, the fresh and long-lasting fragrance gives this Cussons product its own advantages.

So Klin Fragrance


The next long-lasting clothing fragrance is So Klin Perwangi. This So Klin product has a formula that is able to make the fragrance last long on clothes. Not only that, if Pins uses this fragrance, the fragrance will also last even during the rainy season. Moreover, the fragrance of this product will not change when the clothes are wet or dry.



A fragrance product that is no less durable is Rapika. This product is still in the same production as So Klin. Rapika is a fragrance product with active substances that can make clothes more slippery. Not only fragrant, the use of this fragrance product will also make the fragrance last longer you know! So Pins can get clothes that are neat and smell good with this one product.

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Sleek Fabric Fragrance & Freshener


The next recommended fragrance for clothes is Sleek Fabric Fragrance & Freshener. This product is very suitable for children’s clothes because the formula is very safe. This fragrance product is also very durable even if the clothes are used outside the house all day. Moreover, as we know that children are very active so they sweat easily, but calm down! Because the scent of Sleek Fabric Fragrance & Freshener is very durable.

My Baby Softener


Same with Cussons, of course Pins thinks that My Baby only releases products baby care such as baby powder, shampoo or other baby care products. However, it turns out that My Baby also releases clothing fragrance products. Of course, this product is very safe for baby’s skin! This product is able to kill bacteria that can cause irritation to baby’s skin. Not only that, this fragrance product is also able to make clothes smell good all day long.

Attack Fresh Up


Attack Fresh Up is one of the long-lasting clothing fragrance products you know! This product is able to refresh and protect clothes with a claim of 10 times better. This product also states that it is able to maintain its fragrance for up to 48 hours after wearing the clothes. Attack Fresh Up consists of two variants, namely Sakura Blossom and Dazzling Lilac.

B29 Fabric Care


The next best clothing fragrance recommendation is B29 Fabric Care. From the name alone, we can already know that this product has the ability to treat clothing fabrics. This one fragrance also only takes 3-5 minutes in the process of soaking clothes. Not only that, the price is also relatively cheap compared to other fragrance products.

Green Wash Softener


This clothing fragrance brand has a high concentration of active substances so that it has a longer lasting fragrance. This fragrance also has a distinctive fragrance and lasts all day even if the clothes are worn all day in the hot sun you know! This is because this Green Wash Softener uses technology double power aroma. This fragrance product will also make it easier for you to iron clothes because it has the ability to soften clothes.

Super Laundry


Maybe many of Pins are not familiar with this one fragrance product. Not only does it give a fragrant aroma, this deodorizer will also make it easier for Pins to iron because it can smooth clothes. This product is available in various variants and packaging sizes. So Pins will have many choices according to your tastes and needs.

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This fragrance product has amazing abilities you know! This Sofsil fragrance can kill bacteria on clothes such as bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae. These bacteria can irritate your skin.

Not only that, the long-lasting aroma, coupled with its ability to kill germs, can make your clothes smell good because it reduces the risk of bacterial contamination that causes odors on clothes.

Snap Clean


This fragrance and clothing lubricant product can also be included in your list of clothing fragrance products you know! This product has a strong and long lasting fragrance. Snap Clean is also able to make clothes more slippery so they are easy to iron. So when you wear it, your clothes will be neat, fresh and smell good all day long.

Yuri Soft


Yuri Soft is known as a hand soap brand. even though brand this one also produces clothes deodorizer you know! Yuri Soft is pregnant anti-bacterial which can make the aroma last long on clothes. Even the scent of this deodorizer can last for days in the wardrobe.

That’s the list of long-lasting clothing fragrance brands. Make sure you have the best clothing deodorizer products!

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