Can A Felon Shoot A Gun On Private Property

The thing to remember is that in ct you need written permission to hunt on any private property that is not yours. To broad a question.

Monster Gun Loophole Discovered For Convicted Felons

can a felon shoot a gun on private property

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Not unless he or she can shoot it without touching it or being anywhere near it.

Can a felon shoot a gun on private property. As post is limited to target practice on your own property it is important to note that the exception to the general prohibition only applies when it is done upon property owned by the shooter or by a guest of the property owner if the target practice takes place on your own property this will not be an issue. They cant carry them in any way. The gun law that regulates discharging a firearm on public or residential property is section 79015 of the florida statutes.

If theres a no possessing firearms restriction on this felon he or she cant possess a firearm even for a minute even on private property. Arguably someone that owns a townhouse with a 200x200 lot in downtown atlanta owns property but im certain there is a local ordinance prohibiting discharging a firearm within the city limits unless it was in self defense. These article included can a felon own a bow and can a felon own a crossbow so it seems like the perfect time to address a related questioncan a felon go to a shooting range or gun range firing range etc.

Which florida firearms law governs shooting a weapon on private property in st. No approvals no government forms. Recently weve done a few articles about felons and weapons ownership and usage.

In fact if you are active military have a pistol permit or have a hunting license i can sell you a long gun any long gun even an ar15 with nothing more than a bill of sale. Just a bill of sale. Is it legal for me to shoot targets on my own property in clay county fl.

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