How To Determine Sale Price Of Rental Property

In this example the grm for a property with a listing price of 640000 and 80000 in gross rental income is 8. If you sell a rental property and earn money off of it those earnings may be subject to capital gains tax.

How To Calculate Property Value With Capitalization Rate

how to determine sale price of rental property

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Not only do you want to be sure you set a price that is right for the location and property type but you also need to make sure the price you set is attractive to potential tenants.

How to determine sale price of rental property. How to determine property rental price setting the right price on your rental property is an important consideration. There is no one way to determine the value of a rental property. Grm sales price annual gross rents 8 640000 80000.

Next simply average the respective gross rent multipliers together and you will have a good indication of the local market grm for your property type. You can estimate this by using an amount similar to current rental listings of similar units in the area. In the example use two vacant units.

If you acquired the property as a gift or by inheritance your basis will be the fair market value on the date of acquisition or the adjusted basis of the property in the hands of the person from whom you acquired it. To calculate a grm divide the propertys price by its yearly rent for example a. The gross rental multiplier is a valuation metric that looks at a property relative to its rental income.

Determine the number of vacant units if any of the property you want to value. Determine the monthly market rental rate per unit of the vacant units. Determine the original basis of the rental property.

But how much you pay and whether you pay at all depends on how long you had the property as well as the tax bracket your income puts you in. To calculate its grm we divide the sale price by the annual rental income. Its important to understand these before selling.

500000 90000 556. If you bought or built the property the basis will be the purchase price or the cost of construction.

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