Maintaining Property On Other Side Of Fence

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maintaining property on other side of fence

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Property rights on the other side of a fence line i live in nj.

Maintaining property on other side of fence. In this case the only side of the fence that is your responsibility is the side facing your property. Ask a real estate agent or the neighbors what the custom is in your area and if there are any long standing assumptions of which fence belongs to whom. However in most jurisdictions both property owners must equally pay for and maintain a fence that runs on or close to a property line.

Many homeowners install their own fence a few feet in from the property line and take total. Who is responsible for paying to maintain them. Well also focus on how to determine which fence side is yours left or right and explore the different ways you can use to find out.

In 2004 the new neighbor guy built his home and began asking the elderly couple to cut down the cottonwoods because the leaves were blowing into his yard. The good side of the fence goes to where you have access to maintain it. Right to maintain property on other side of my fence.

Maintaining garden walls and fences which side is my responsibility. In other areas the smooth side faces in. Local fence laws determine who is responsible for paying for and maintaining partition fences so it is important to check your state and local ordinances.

In the simplest scenario the fence needs painting or other appearance work. He left a 2 foot wide area of his property along my side of the fence the entire length of the fence. I have erected a fence due to a trespassing neighbor.

In 2003 they subdivided their property and sold a parcel just on the other side of the cottonwoods which at this point were about 10 15 feet tall. I live in a terraced house with a wall separating my garden with my neighbours on one side and a fence on the other. Which side of the fence is my responsibility.

How to maintain your side of the fence. Fences are not maintained from the backside. Maintaining property on my side of a fence as adverse posession.

Who pays for and maintains a partition fence. The fence is about a foot back off the property line with a foot of my property on the. If you build a dividing fence on your own property the good side of the fence is the side of the fence that all maintenance will be preformed from.

And this makes sense because when you get down to brass tacks you dont really care what the other side of the fence looks like. Our new post will clarify what exactly the uk garden fence law says about property boundaries and regulations when it comes to replacing installing and maintaining your boundary fence. In some areas it is customary for the builder to have the unfinished side the side with the stakes facing his property.

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