Neighbours Phone Line On My Property

My neighbours telephone line goes through a tree on my property the tree was there first he now wants the tree lopped as his line is under strain and wants me to pay for the work. They can mark property boundaries keep pets or children safe offer privacy or limit unwanted guests.

How To Resolve Disputes With A Neighbour From Hell In Singapore

neighbours phone line on my property

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Neighbours may disagree about where a fence can be built what type of fence to build or who should bear the cost of building or repairing a fence.

Neighbours phone line on my property. Am i responsible as obviously i did not route the wire through the tree. I tried today calling telstra for a couple of hours and they gave me the run around. Fences serve many purposes.

Neighbours phone line on my property no this isnt a neighbour dispute the fact is i am looking to get work done on the house i am aware that my line will also be in the way and that is fine but i do object to paying for a line to get moved that doesnt belong to me. However my next door neighbours bt phone line runs overhead from the telegraph pole to a connection point at the front of my property then along my gable end and across the back of my house and finally into the neighbours property. A phone line unsure if its telstra or optus goes from the right hand side of my property through my font yard and across my driveway onto my neighbours house on the left side of my house.

A contract bt fitter has come on my property without my permission and installed a line to a barn behind methis was done without my knowledge while at work the wire is about my oil tank and if need to be looked at on my property vet close to my gable endvery disappointed with the way things have been done without my knowledge and consent. But they can also lead to tensions and conflicts. 23rd nov 12 at 337 pm 1.

And now there is a thick wire goes from the pole not on my property right across above my garden. New bt phone wire across my property. Hi all bt came today and installed a new phone line at my neighbours rental property.

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