Why Your Business Branding Could Be Letting You Down

Posted on November 29, 2017

When it comes to building a successful business, then branding is key. Brand is what makes your company come to life, and stand out. Consider large firms like Apple, Mercedes, Kraft or Burberry for a minute. It’s their brand that consumers buy into. People truly believe that if they use a MacBook, drive a Mercedes Benz and own a Burberry bag that they form part of an elite group, united because they all own one part of a lifestyle that takes some serious investment. The same logic applies when it comes to your business. No matter the markets in which you operate, or the product and services that you provide, you need to make sure that your branding is offering customers the chance to access something truly unique and special.

From your company’s culture, vision and mission statement and even the way that you complete business deals, your branding is the chance to showcase why people should either work with you or consider working for you. So if your branding isn’t consistent, up to date or slick, then the chances are you are doing some serious damage to your business.

Check your Social Channels

Your online presence is the first, and quickest way that any potential consumers can gain some insight into your firm. If you haven’t made sure that your branding is consistent across all your social channels, then you will be affecting your in-house attempts to run any campaigns or promote your latest products. First, check that your LinkedIn background photo and logo is on brand. This channel is key for any potential business-to-business connections, plus your competitors will be using LinkedIn to check how your business is performing. Next, check on any other channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to ensure that you use the same imagery and materials. When it comes to social, consistency is key. So make sure that you update each digital channel that you use on a regular basis for optimum results.

Traditional Marketing Materials

Company magazines, merchandising and even your letterheads and stationery need to be on brand if you want your consumers to get a great experience, or feel for what your company does. It’s no use updating your online presence, without giving more traditional materials a much-needed facelift too. Even if you have only slightly changed a shade of blue, or added an ampersand, you still need to ensure that your entire range of materials reflects your firm’s new look and feel. Many firms feel that can cut costs by using up old stationery – don’t make this mistake. It might be a saving in the short term, but failing to update your entire company branding at the same time will cost you over the following weeks and months when customers notice inconsistencies. If you want to appear polished and professional, bite the bullet and make those branding updates.

Branding can either make or break a business, so it’s important that you do it right. From social media to traditional marketing materials, if you are considering an update then be sure to roll it out across your business.

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