Ways to Promote Your Event without Spending a Dime

Posted on December 14, 2017

Event planners are always struggling to find ways to reduce cost and get the maximum number of engagement and attendees. Promoting and marketing your event remains on the top to attract as many attendees as you can. However, whenever the word marketing strikes our mind, the first thing that comes is the cost.

No doubt, marketing demands a huge cost, but not anymore. With the rapid growth in digital marketing, cost of promoting and marketing your product/services or events has reduced as compared to the traditional marketing. If you are not aware of how to promote your event free of cost, let’s have a look at it.

Send Email Newsletter

Email newsletter is the most popular free way to promote your event. As the saying goes, the money is in the funnel. People have subscribed to your website to read the latest updates. You have their emails and now it is time to cash it out.

Send email newsletter from time to time to give a sweet reminder to your subscribers. Don’t bombard their mailboxes as it would annoy them and might opt out of it. Create a sense of urgency, pick a catchy subject line and design a fabulous banner with call to action. You have promoted your event without paying a dime.

Create Facebook Event

If you want to reap the maximum benefit by spending nothing, creating a Facebook event is an ideal method. You might have a company Facebook page and it is the best way to promote your event using Facebook’s event feature. The benefit of using Facebook event is that it has a wider reach and you don’t have to pay even a penny. It will help you keep track of registrations, announce last minute changes and post event details.

Social Media Giveaways

Social media giveaways work like a magic and are best for event promotion. You can run a free giveaway contest on Facebook where you ask the people to like and share their timeline. The more you get the shares, the better the chances of winning a giveaway.

It can also be like tagging the friends and family members to invite them to attend the event. Those who refer their friends to attend the event can win a prize at the event (just like referral system). Without doing much, you are spreading your word across the world and nothing has gone from your pocket.

Hashtag Marketing

Hashtags are very popular, particularly when it comes to searching a specific group or topic. You can use hashtag marketing strategy to bring the people at one place and have their say. The ideal way to get the most out of it is to get the conversation threaded from start until the end. It will help people to search for information regarding the event without doing much.

When it comes to promotion and marketing of your event, you need to have a sound strategy and a plan that is affordable and reachable.

Author Bio:

Tim Boucher is an event specialist, speaker and a passionate writer covering the wide range of topics including event management, event business, and event marketing at NVOLV. With over 10 years of experience, Tim has successfully conducted events in various parts of the world.

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