Top 7 Benefits Of Using Toner In Your Skin Care Routine

Posted on March 21, 2017

Developing a skin care routine is of immense importance to the health of your skin. The skin, being an external structure, and the largest organ in the body, is exposed to various environmental conditions. With advancing age also, the skin undergoes numerous changes leading to various unsightly appearance. Due to this, developing a skin care is important. In your routine, ensure to include a skin toner due to the various benefits associated with it. Just to mention, a skin toner is one of the liquid skin care products that works tremendously when applied in the skin. Some of the benefits include:

1. Exfoliate the skin gently

Skin exfoliation is important to enable the skin get rid of dead accumulated cells in the epidermis. The skin grows from the inner layers outwards as they replace dead uppermost cells. Without exfoliation, skin appearance will be impaired. Additionally, fold lines and wrinkles are bound to occur. Normally, the skin undertakes this process naturally enabling new, fresh cells to replace old, dead cells. However, the process can be slow. Applying a toner to your skin can speed up this process resulting to a healthy looking skin.

2. Balancing the skin pH

Normally, the skin maintains an acidic pH due to sweat released from sweat pores. Soap and various washers used on the surface of the skin also destabilize the normal skin pH. Alteration of the normal skin pH may result to irritation and infections sequentially. Most skin care products lack the ability to curb this problem. This is why you should include a skin toner to aid you solve this small but serious issue.

3. It is an antioxidant

The skin is in constant contact with various elements in the environment. Free radicals are not an exception. Exposure of the skin to toxic free radicals can be disastrous. This is why any skin care product, including the best toner for skin, has antioxidant effects. They have the ability to eliminate by oxidation, the free radicals in the skin surface.

4. Has antibacterial effects

Majority of skin care products recommended for skin care routines have antibacterial effects. The degree and intensity to handle different strains of bacteria however differ. For skin toner, they provide an assured ability to handle any bacterial strain in the skin. Bacterial colonization in the skin results in various infections including lupus, psoriasis among others. Some skin toners such as rosewater, they have clinically proven ability to heal scars, cuts and simple wounds. Therefore, they provide invaluable help to skin healing.

5. They are skin moisturizers

The skin requires constant hydration to stay healthy. Though this can be catered for by various skin care products, choosing the best toner for skin is an added advantage. For aged individuals, advancing age results to a dry skin among other signs of aging. Frequent rehydration is therefore necessary to ensure that the skin remains healthy always.

6.They have anti-inflammatory effects

Skin toners including rose water have an anti-inflammatory effect that helps in reducing irritations and inflammations in the skin. Various environmental factors such as pollens and dust contacting the skin may result in inflammation. This may lead to the development of various conditions such as dermatitis, acne, and eczema. Avoid these problems therefore by including a toner for its anti-inflammatory effects.

7. It alleviates signs of aging

With advancing age, fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines and dark spots are the common skin conditions that may occur. This is a challenging period for individuals who want to maintain their youthful and fresh skin. Use of normal skin care products may not guarantee complete elimination of these signs of an aging skin. However, inclusion of a toner in the skin care routine certainly provides positive results.


A skin toner has various advantages to the skin that cannot be substituted. Other benefits include shrinking skin pores, providing an additional layer of protection to the skin, refreshing the skin and preventing ingrown hairs from growing. With all these, including a skin toner in any skin care routine is important. However, finding the best toner is a challenging task. It requires a careful assessment of the available toners in the market. Additionally, you should consider various factors including the ingredients of the toner, your skin type and the fragrant added to the toner.
Always ensure that you pick a suitable skin toner, that augers well with your skin, has good ingredients that cannot irritate the skin and is easy to use. It should also contain essential fragrant extracts such as citrus fruits, essential oils, and rose water. Consulting expert advice before including the toner anyhow to the skin care routine is also prudent.

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