Top 5 Hacks On How To Hide A Bra Strap

Posted on February 3, 2017

Every time we decide to dress up for an event, bra straps tend to disappoint us when they become visible on our dresses. Whenever we wear strapless dresses, we have to find a way of hiding these straps so that they don’t appear since we can’t avoid wearing bras as they an important part of our dressing. If you wear bare-back dresses also, you have to hide your straps. Basically, most times, bra straps can appear since not all your bras can fit in all the t-shirts and dresses in your wardrobe. Alternatively, you can choose to wear invisible bra straps, transparent bra straps or strapless bras. With these kinds of bras, there will be less worries of bras showing around your shoulders or hanging especially whenever you put an oversize bra.

1. Wear Matching Colors

Color blocking is really talked of today and most women practice this in their dressing even when it comes to bras and dresses. But when your straps start to show and your bras and t shits don’t match the colors, they spoil your look. If you wear a black t-shirt and you put on a pink bra and the straps show, you are definitely going to look funny. You can simply avoid this by wearing t-shirts and bras that are of the same color. This is one way on how to hide bra straps and if the straps will still be visible, you will still look good and it will appear to be less noticeable.

2. Wear Fitting Bras

Bras come in different sizes and if you choose a bra that is bigger in size, the straps will definitely be bigger and they will hang at the sides of your shoulders. People usually wear big bras and console themselves that they will tighten them so that they can appear smaller and fitting but this don’t work at all times and the straps still remain bigger and they hang out. Therefore, you should wear a fitting bra that will perfectly fit in your body and will not be hanging as this may even be uncomfortable as you will be walking around trying to put the straps in place every now and then.

3. Use Paper Clips

Paper clips are usually used to pin things together and they can be of great help when it comes to pinning together your bra straps. When you wear bare back dresses or dresses that have a certain design at the back, the straps will definitely show; it never leaves such a good sight to see those that see the straps. You can simply pin your straps together such that they meet at the center and they will not be seen in case you are wearing a baggy t-shirt, which is sleeveless.

4. Strapless Bras

This is actually the best way of how to hide bra straps since the straps will not even be existing in the first place. Strapless bras are something that most women are embracing nowadays since they can allow you to change straps anytime you want to put straps on them. Whenever you want to wear sleeveless blouses or sleeveless dress, bra straps can become a nuisance as they become visible and spoil that good design of your dress. You can simply wear strapless bras that have fitting cups that will hold your breasts well and save you the shame of bra straps showing on your back.

5. Sewing Cups

Bra cups can be sewed inside your strapless dress to give you that comfortable feeling and avoid the stress of hanging straps. Sewing is very easy and does not require any special skills and everyone can do it at home. Simply find bra cups that are of your size and use a needle and string to sew them in your dress. This will provide readymade bras and you don’t have to wear strapless bras since they can be uncomfortable at times especially if they are bigger and you have to pull them up all the time. I find this method being the most convenient and very easy to apply.


When bra straps appear pop up on your shoulders, it does not leave a good image. However, there are those who like to show their bra straps for some reasons that only them can understand. Therefore, to avoid the bras straps from being seen or hanging around your shoulders, you can simply use the methods above to hide them and walk confidently.

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