The Truth About Tricubes

Posted on June 16, 2017

Established in 1998, Tricubes Berhad, formerly known as Tricubes Sdn Bhd, is Malaysia’s premier security solutions company that specializes in providing access systems for clients spanning a myriad of industries. Tricubes provides products and services to two technology segments, which are Enterprise Mobility and Identity Authentication. With the world’s best technologies and a dedication to innovation, Tricubes has successfully addressed their clients’ security requirements consistently.

Tricubes Berhad along with its subsidiaries like Tricubes Computers Sdn Bhd, tirelessly strive to provide only the best information technology products and solutions. The hardware and software solutions are envisioned to be assimilated with value added services like project management, systems integration and application development. Tricubes also diligently aims to drive enterprise mobile systems, identity authentication systems and electronic payment systems segments.  Here are some interesting facts about Tricubes:

  1. Provided Information Technology solutions to government and financial sectors not only to Malaysia but to Hong Kong and Europe as well.
  2. Serviced over 300 organizations and over 60,000 smartcard and biometrics verification devices installed.
  3. Recently completed software development projects for Petronas Carigali, Tenaga NasionalBerhad and Malaysia Airlines utilizing the Mobile to Enterprise (M2E) middleware platform.Completed projects with an accumulated billing of RM280 million to date.
  4. Within the Enterprise Mobility segment, Tricubes has provided solutions to two of the largest enforcement agencies in Malaysia which are the Royal Malaysian Police and Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

Tricubes provides reliable products like smartcard readers thatconnects toenterprise applications in enforcement and data collection, as well as mobile rugged handheld devices that have integrated barcode scanners. It does not end there; Tricubes also provides desktop optical biometric smartcard readers with USB device interfaces for the communication between a personal computer and the smartcard.Its software products include an identity authentication middleware for smartcard and biometric base system.

Safe and Secure Solutions

Identity Authentication Solutions (IAS)

The September 11th attacks in the United States of America left the world feeling unsafe and uncertain. Along with immensely tragic consequences that befell the human race, businesses then had a greater need for better security solutions all over the world. With demand, supply was created in the form of integrated security solutions that needed to be deployed at key points within countries and organizations.

To date, Tricubes’ Identity Authentication Solutions (IAS) are being used at national borders, access controls and facilities management in offices, MyKad programs and airports like the Paris Orly Airport. IAS is the answer to biometric based solutions for organizations and business around the world that have more stringent security demands. Tricubes’ IAS sets include hardware, software applications for physical access, logical access and network security controls through biometric and smartcard technologies.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Implementations of smartphones are at an all time high, numbers that conventional computing has never reached before. This has made Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS) adaptation the most disruptive technological innovation to ever hit enterprises. The mobile platform has progressed from merely a Personal Information Management (PIM) system to implementation of mobile application and services. This has reshaped the way enterprises conduct their businesses. EMS has aided and assisted businesses perform tasks and bridge the gap between them and their customers efficiently, and inexpensively.

In implementing Enterprise Mobility Solutions, the biggest test was the transition from conventional platform to ever-growing mobile platform choices available today. Tricubes handled this challenge by executing an accompanying solution called Mobile to Enterprise (M2E). With innovation of M2E, adapting EMS has never been easier. Enterprises can choose their preferred legacy back-end systems and be assured on the independency of the front-end device’s platform. Combining incredibly powerful utilities fused with communication tools and consistently ensuring security, the M2E is a robust software platform perfectly designed to build tomorrow’s mobile enterprise today!

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