The Advantages Of Managed Internet Access

Posted on July 31, 2017

Running a business using the regular broadband internet may seem fine until that time you will need larger bandwidth and more reliable internet with a dedicated line. Upgrading broadband may not provide the level of internet service your business needs. This is where managed internet access comes in.

What is Managed Internet Service?

Broadband may be ultra-fast, but the time comes when you need to move to managed internet access also known as leased line. This is a dedicated fixed internet connection specifically for your business making a totally different internet access proposition. Managed internet access I different from the unmanaged service in that the managed network service is overseen and regulated by the service provider you chose. The Internet service provider monitors your internet service 24/7 to ensure everything runs as required. They deal with line faults fast and efficiently, sometimes, even before you realize you have a slow connection.

Managed internet services are not common, but their benefits to business are enormous. The excellent internet performance is beneficial, especially to small businesses that have limited resources. Leased lines come with service-level agreements that both parties have to adhere to throughout the contract period. This means any fault must be fixed within an agreed time or the provider will be in breach of the contract. This compels the provider to undertake continuous monitoring of the service to ensure there is no fault and if there is, it is fixed immediately it is detected.

The Advantages of Managed Internet Access

Frees up resources

With the internet service managed from the provider’s end, you don’t need to engage web administrators or put money to ensure stable internet for your business. You no longer have the stress of maintaining a full time IT section or department. There is a reduction in expenses for your company.

Peace of mind

If your business measures its financial performance based on internet performance, then you can relax knowing that you will always have internet access and that there is a team working round the clock to ensure you have reliable internet access. You have all the time to focus on building your business and not worrying about the internet, security and hardware features.

Bandwidth not shared

Your unused bandwidth is not shared with other users; you can do all that you want at any time without fearing for a narrow bandwidth. What you pay for is exactly what you get all the time, so there is nothing like peak time slowdowns for your business.

Maximizing employee potential

Even with the increased cost of a leased line, your employees will work at their full potential compared to when working with a limited internet connection. Their increased productivity can be more than the cost of the managed internet access hence business growth. They can download and upload large files in a flash and go on to other tasks faster than before.

Better performance and speed

A dedicated internet service means your business gets the best internet performance at exactly the agreed speeds and bandwidth. This ensures your internet is available all the time.

Better security

With so many threats over the internet, you can relax knowing that your whole network is managed professionally and that your connection is dedicated and not shared with anyone. No more worries about eavesdropping or breaches into your systems since the network belongs solely to your business. Web filtering, anti-spam, and anti-virus are built into the system to add a layer of protection between your system and the internet.

Symmetrical connectivity

With a dedicated leased line, you have the advantage of enjoying fast upload and download speeds. This can support several video conferencing sessions simultaneously without any delay, interruptions or a hitch.


A managed internet access gets you a dedicated account manager to give you a unique connection for your business designed to last years. It is not like broadband, expanding your broadband connection will only make things worse, a leased line, on the other hand, will put you in control and at the same level as the big players.

Connectivity is very important to businesses today, hence the enormous benefits of a managed internet access for businesses today. With 100 percent commitment from the service provider, any business can experience the maximum benefits of transforming to a new way of doing business and not just upgrading a broadband service.

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