Should You Choose Engine Swapping or Stick To Rebuilding?

Posted on December 8, 2017

In most cases, swapping your pickup truck engine is a reasonable option that comes with its own set of benefits. And, the top benefit is that it can be acquired at a very reasonable price. Not to mention, you get to reduce taxes, insurance fees, and license fees on the vehicle as well.

Swapping Engines – is it viable?

Replacing your pickup truck (instead of just the engine) can be quite expensive as well as bothersome. However, by just replacing the engine, you get it depreciated within the same year of the purchase. Swapping an engine does make many drivers skeptical about the durability of their vehicles. Will it be feasible to swap the engine? And, will the truck with the replaced engine be as good as the original? It mostly depends on the condition of the vehicle. If it had been in a great condition, then replacing the engine is a prudent choice.

When you look forward to replacing an engine, one thing to note is the lifecycle of the vehicle. If the vehicle is planned to be in service for another three to five years and is in good overall condition, it is a good candidate for engine replacement.

Reasonable Time to Opt for an Engine Swap

This aspect relies on two possibilities. One possibility is when the truck engine fails and there is a need for replacement. This method is based on a reactive ideology where one swaps the engine once the old one is not worth using.

The second method is to proactively fix a date for replacing the engine. This could be decided based on mileage of the truck. Using this method also enables one to save on maintenance costs. When one replaces the engine before it fails, there is a high chance of saving expenses for a longer time. However, the initial costs may be high buy it may save costs in the longer run.

Planning an engine swap is a prudent idea when your use for the truck is less. As an engine replacement activity can take 2-3 days. This much time is generally needed to ensure that the engine fitting is perfect, and that there is little chance of any error.

Life of Swapped Engines

Once a truck goes through the process of engine swapping, then it should stay put as long as the old one, only if the vehicle has been in a healthy condition overall. Generally, the lifecycle of the replacement engine is decided based on the number of miles the vehicle has run. For instance, if an engine was swapped at 100,000 miles with a 4bt cummins swap, then the latter should be able to carry on for another 100,000 miles, if it has been taken care of properly.

There are also those who prefer a rebuilt engine, which is also a good solution for the ones who have a particular model size that is hard to find. Rebuilding or swapping is a choice that you should go for depending on your budget and the availability of the engine.

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