Metal Blackening Solutions For Modern Manufacturing

Posted on March 16, 2017

Precision made parts must be protected against corrosion, and any form of coating will add to the dimensions of the component, making it an impractical solution for many industries. There are easy to use kits for metal blackening at room temperature, and this is a cost effective way to protect the surfaces of almost any type of metal.

How Does it Work?

The black oxide process involves a chemical conversion of the metal surface and is not a coating of any kind. Blueing, as it was traditionally known in the UK, this process was ideal for weapons manufacturers, who wanted their steel to stay corrosion free, and the blueing process renders the surface a lustrous blue colour. There is a range of hot and cold blackening solutions and the room temperature method is far cheaper than the hot oxide process, yet still gives the desired properties. Once the process has been completed, the machined part would be completely protected by the conversion, and with no extra dimensions that you would get from a coating or paint covering, it is perfect for machined, precision components.

Online Solutions

Modern solutions allow you to source a supplier and also place an order for a chemical blacking kit, and if you need any advice regarding any aspect of the special process, they would be only too happy to help. The tooling industry regularly uses room temperature blackening, as it is the most cost-effective way to protect the surfaces, and by following the instructions, you can soon perfect the technique. Aside from providing a chemical blacking kit, the company would have many other solutions for a range of metals, and their easy to read website is full of informative articles about the blackening process.

Range of Applications

The metal blackening industry supplies solutions for a range of other industries, including the tool and manufacturing sectors, automotive factories and textile machinery of all shapes and sizes. There is a safety aspect to steel blackening, as it reduces reflected light, making machine operation safer, and the finish can also be used to simply enhance the appearance of something, as it is with antiques. Copper, pewter and brass can all be treated to give a character finish that looks aged, and with many steel alloys also using the process, it is an integral service to many businesses.

A Cheaper Solution than Coating

Electroplating will give you the desired result, and aside from costing more than blackening, the dimensions of the components treated would be affected by the process, and with machine parts, this is not possible. After the metal has been dipped in a bath of the solution for just a few minutes, once it is dry, there will be a uniform black finish that covers the entire surface area of the item.

Although metal blackening has been around for a while, modern solutions offer room temperature dips, and with ready to use kits, the process is both affordable and easy to carry out.

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