How To Use A Safety Harness and Lanyard Safely

Posted on September 19, 2017

Lifting industry is always a risky place to work while handling variety of devices at different application areas. No matter which lifting operation is carried out, taking precautionary measures is essential. Different places like height safety equipment, material handling devices, hoisting and rigging products require a unique environment to accomplish the desired lifting needs.

Safety harness and lanyard are the best devices while working at height location that are above 6 feet after a lower level. A personal fall arrest and safety harness are efficiently used to give protection to the workers while working at height.

When you are hire a lifting equipment like a harness or lanyard, follow below criteria-

  • Get enough training before each use

Although a fall arrest system and a harness is the suitable option, its safe use is crucial to get the flawless results. Incorrect use of any component results in malfunctioning and undermining of the system. Thus, it is not advisable to use a device until one is thoroughly trained for the same.

  • Do proper inspection of the safety harness and lanyard

It is advisable to inspect every buckle, strap and plastic fitting for wear to ensure it is in the best condition before you move forward to get it ready for work. While making all the connections, check if the leg straps, chest and shoulder are in place. Then, affix the chest strap after pulling the shoulder straps over the shoulders.

  • Avoid a body belt

When using a full-body harness, use of body belts is prohibited, as a part of fall arrest systems.

  • Carry a harness in correct manner

A safety harness and lanyard are designed in such a manner so that they can absorb the forces on your body, occur during a fall. These forces are then distributed to allow safe arresting of a fall. Here, you have to ensure

  1. if the harness worn correctly?
  2. are any of the straps twisted?
  3. Is the strap enough to hold a person’s body in case he falls?


Every lifting device works best when it is used while maintaining all safety precautions. A safety harness and lanyard need special attention when you are using they are used at a great height. Like for say, loosely attached leg straps of harness can cause severe injury whereas its tight grip can cut circulation. Thus, they need to be adjusted optimally to get desired results.

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