How To Easily Improve Your Corporate and Social Responsibility As A Business

Posted on December 10, 2016

It’s normal to have an uneasy impression about the term ‘corporate and social responsibility’ when you’re running a business – business is hard enough as it is, without a manager or owner having to worry about expectations from society in general. It’s understandable, but totally unnecessary; the truth is that most businesses, run by respectable people, perform their operations in a very responsible way, just the way they do it now. However, there are more things an enterprise can do, and these actions pave the way not only to a greater reputation and clear conscience, but to financial prosperity and smart decisions as well. Here’s how to easily improve your corporate and social responsibility as a business – and reap the benefits.

Donations and Events

It’s very hard to think negatively about a company or enterprise that donates to charity, or joins events to raise awareness about particular issues. If you participate in an event that promotes a good cause or take leadership in getting an important message across, people automatically listen. Whilst this is great for the overall welfare of society, there are some real benefits for the business as well: you’re able to promote your brand in a positive way, and whatever expenses there are, they may be written off your taxes at the end of the year.

Improve Waste Management

It’s really not that hard. Yes, proper storage and segregation of various kinds of waste may cost a little extra, but that’s offset by saving transportation on costs and by finding the right commercial waste disposal partner. Some of your waste may actually be sold for profit if you find the right consumer –think of metals, or compost.

Decrease Energy Consumption

Check those taps. Lessen transportation by better scheduling. Use energy efficient lights. These small things matter – and help you save money as well.

Source Locally and Environmentally-friendly

You’ll be doing the local community a favor and encouraging the local economy (and getting a better reputation whilst you’re at it). And go for the most environmentally sound choice.

Recycle and Reuse

It’s really not that hard, and here’s something you need to consider: by involving your whole staff, you uplift morale and create better teamwork.

And here’s another tip: employ offenders when you can and give training opportunities to the unemployed and the young. Again, although there are certainly a lot of altruistic consequences behind these decisions, there is absolutely no reason why you would not be able to gain from it in financial terms: training the young and the unemployed means you are able to get temporary employment contracts at favourable terms, and when you employ an offender, you might just get a loyal employee who goes the extra mile. It’s not just about being nice or about contributing your share and taking responsibility. It’s about being smart all round.

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