How To Create A Great Product Page That Converts?

Posted on October 9, 2017

Have you ever thought how to optimize your product page(s) for higher conversation rates? Here, in this blog, we are about to discuss how to create a great product page that truly converts. An effective e-commerce product page not only captures the audience attention but also compels them to convert in paying the customers. There are thousands of e-commerce businesses in the world believe a product page is all about the high-resolution images with the detailed description for the purpose of each product. Albeit, these are essential areas that you need to consider and think that they are the only elements needed to win the race for you is more or less simplistic.

In this blog, we are about to discuss the elements that you can add to captivate your visitors. We will discuss in detail about the things that should consider doing your product pages so good that they help your business stand out from the rivals.

Give Priority to Product URLs

Let us begin with something that is crucial as well as critical to get. Even, sometimes it is overlooked. Yes, it is optimizing the product URLs. Unfortunately, we know that dozens of e-commerce websites that do not consider the URL to be a best part of a product page at all, much less, but one of the most essential parts for sure. Well, readers, they are wrong. Ignoring this important fact can seriously impede your CTR, that is called Click Through Rate, particularly in terms of the organic searches. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of thousands of choices for a visitor, and once he or she decides to purchase a product or service online. He or she will go for options that may satisfy the person. Let us see an example. A user runs Google or Bing search and sees this in the search results: > women > All clothing – Myer…./Brand_Kelvin%10Kle…. – House of Fraser

  • One thing you should note here is, we have purposely hid the titles as well as descriptions, so that you only focus n the URL part.

Now, try to understand the search psychology and the psychology of potential customers, who see multiple URLs and certainly have multiple choices online. If you see closely the 2 URLs given below, you will come to know everything, which one visitors will click. Whether you are a visitor which one you click and buy the cloths you like. You will certainly go for the first one, because it is better and clear looking than the second one. It is clear that upon clicking the 1st link, you will redirect to the landing page or the product page of the women’s clothing section of an e-commerce website.

Now come to the 2nd URL. It looks like a brand page, upon clicking you will redirect to an e-commerce website or a product page that offers a product with certain discount available. So, the chance is higher to click on the 1st one rather than the 2nd one. You might question why is it so? The question is no doubt relevant, but the answer is simple. Because the 2nd URL does not show if it is selling a product or a women’s clothing.

Take you away to a SEO friendly URL. It is not simply essential because it will not only give you a better search ranking in search engines but also answer you the basic questions pertaining to the purchasers’ stage of awareness. Therefore, a URL should provide a clear indication of where the user or the buyer will land once he or she clicks, because the URL structure should be relevant to the search query.

Other Things You Need to Work On

You should bear also other things in mind. Some of are:

  • Think about the product title.

  • Always use the high-resolution images.

  • Think about the image size.

  • Use image that your buyers can see from each angle-and-multiple angle as well.

  • Use product videos that are relevant to the products.

  • Get creative with the product description.

  • Provide your buyers quantity and color selection options.

  • Give your users or buyers a change to review after buying the products.

To sum it up, it can be said that creating product page is not a daunting task and that could be easy and quick, if you follow the tips, we have shared here. But, keep in mind one thing, be smart while creating add to the cart button, which is one of the most important thing for all types of e-commerce website. You should show your visitors that you are trustworthy about the price you are offering, because reliability is important after all. You should not forget about your website loading time, the less your page loading time is the more you get buyers.

Author Bio:-Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs – a Web-design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on WordPress website development, web design and mobile app development.

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