How to Choose the Best Concrete Flooring for Your Business

Posted on June 12, 2017

When picking the best coating for a concrete floor, a few easy steps must be followed. During the early phase, the structural components on the floor should be thoroughly inspected.

Then, after the inspection phase is complete, various coatings with specific performance features must be considered based on the structural conditions in the prep zone.

Study the Structural Elements

In order to select an ideal coating that can handle typical environmental conditions, the area where the product will be placed must be properly inspected. A location where a coating can be placed effectively should be strong and clean.

If an area has debris or heavily contaminated spots, a coating won’t efficiently bond during the application process.

The process of determining whether or not a floor can hold a coating in a general area is easy if common distress signs are considered. A distressed floor is a surface that has:

  • Spalls
  • Gaps
  • Uneven spots

If a floor isn’t level, all of the uneven spots must be adjusted. In order to achieve the best results during leveling situations, a professional maintenance solution that blends with the structural elements of the current system must be used.

After the inspection phase is over, the floor has to be prepped. Although the process of implementing the best prep procedures isn’t easy, a typical homeowner can achieve practical results by prepping a floor strategically based on the material’s level of thickness.

Consider the Design Features

Flooring systems that are designed with effective perks have a few beneficial features, which include:

  • A protective coating
  • Abrasion defense
  • Thermal shock capabilities

Because spills will happen, a proper coating needs a special component that can handle harsh chemicals. Many products are designed with key components that can only reduce harmful effects that are caused by certain chemicals, and this is why the environmental hazards in a prep zone should be thoroughly considered before picking a coating.

A lot of traffic will generate in the location where a coating is placed. If a coating has strong abrasion properties, severe wear and tear won’t occur when a vehicle’s tires generate traction.

Since the weight of an automobile can impact the results, a thick coating should always be applied in locations where multiple vehicles are accessed on a regular basis.

Temperatures will vary in the location where coatings are placed, and this is why thermal shock features should be considered. When thermal shock happens, the bond that keeps a coating properly secured doesn’t hold the special material in place.

However, when a coating isn’t affected by thermal shock, inefficiencies don’t occur when there are various temperature changes.

Extra Considerations

If the design scheme in the prep zone is important, always consider a coating’s aesthetic before implementing any maintenance procedures. Because there are many decorative coatings, the process of selecting a product that blends well in an environment isn’t challenging.

When the application phase begins, carefully consider the work that needs to be done. If various phases of scheduled properly, the project can be completed in a reasonable length of time.

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