How Do Telemarketing Services Surge Your Business Conduct?

Posted on February 2, 2018

Back in the time, there was a lack of professionalism in the business enhancement practices. A very few number of firms followed state of the art techniques to upgrade their progress strategy. One of these improvisations in the market is telemarketing service. In contrast to the traditional approach, this method is well-organized and outstanding. It employs advanced measures to do direct sales. The customers are pitched after soliciting them to buy products or avail services. The telephonic or online invitation is sent to continue with the pitching process. There are four types of offerings in this sector namely, B2B & B2C telemarketing, and outbound & inbound telemarketing services.  It is a step-wise procedure to increase the number of prospects. The sequence of telemarketing activities in order to generate and qualify a lead is as follows:

  • The agent introduces himself and the respective company.
  • He gives the reference to the call or message to break the oddity.
  • The operator then requests for some time to maintain the flow.
  • He clarifies the reason behind calling the person and explains the plan.
  • If the prospect sounds interested, the next step is to state the features and benefits of the sale.
  • There is a pause for the prospect to respond or make a reaction.
  • Then the agent asks if the customer has any query and responds to the same.
  • In case the deal is not closed, the caller fixes an appointment to make a more impactful approach.
  • At the end, additional details are provided for future contact.

This thoughtful client tackling method is proving to be a boon in the corporate world. The supplier and the consumer, both are benefited by this approach. The overall trading experience of both the ends becomes phenomenal.  

The prime features of telemarketing services include-

Human involvement

The human touch added in the interaction process results in a more sympathetic relationship. The agents working in this sector have excellent communication skills and convincing power. They make the customer services look promising. Consumers are more likely to believe live operators than the automated machines.

Lead generation

A direct method of contact proves to be more appealing than messages, emails and letters to maintain long-term relationships with clients. The information gathering and retention becomes easier with the inclusion of skilled team of agents. It is more effective and fruitful to develop person-to-person bonds.

Lead follow-up

Telemarketing practices are full of measures to keep in touch with the customers. With the help of technological systems, it is feasible to keep track of the prospects and existing consumers.

Increased ROI

The return on investment is affected positively by utilizing these services. Excellent Telemarketing services boost this performance measure and benefit the investors. There is a notable uplift in the revenue generation.

Up-selling and Cross-selling

Telemarketing service providers convince the clients to purchase a higher-end product in contrast to the lower-end services in order to increase the benefits. Moreover, they convince the existing clients for additional products and service offers that in turn increases the overall revenue for the company.

Advanced technology

The telemarketing services use hi-tech methods to communicate with the prospects. The involvement of automation, advanced technological gadgets, and artificial intelligence leads to reduced time and workload of the agents.

Two main applications of the effective technologically versed tools in the market are:

  • IVR services

Automated interactive voice response is the way to route the customers to the corresponding agent who can aide them finding the service they seek. The pre-recorded voice prompts are installed in the system to guide the customers.IVR menu system standardizes the customer service experience and makes the calls highly professional. It enables the callers to inquire about the product easily.

  • Live phone answering services

The operator of live phone answering service takes messages from the user and directs them to the respective person-in-charge. The department to be informed then receives the notification and processes further. It is used to manage, cover, record and attend to your business clients in a tactful manner.  It takes care of every hurdle you face at the moment such as killing the long waiting lines and missed calls.  It relays the call to a live operator to answer immediately or afterwards for sure.

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