Education Apps For Toddlers

Posted on February 9, 2017

The generation is moving at such an alarming rate that toddlers are well aware as to how to operate gadgets, like smart phones, tablets, iPads. With the advancement of technology, we can now get customized applications made for the growth and development of children. With their help, parents can now teach their kids basic counting, alphabets, sound, phonetic language, sign languages and many more such educational advancements.

Some of the best educational apps for kids are as follows:

  • Elmo Loves ABCs: This is an app full of games, activities and videos that teach the letters of the alphabet in a fun and interesting way. Apart from letters, this app teaches words that begin with each letter and they learn colors and songs too. Just slide, sweep, swipe, touch, trace, and dig, for discovering over 80 Street clips, 75 Street coloring pages and also 4 ways to play hide and seek. Also, this app lets you personalize by adding own photos and videos to the game.
  • com (Early Learning Academy): This app allows you to watch a few videos for free. But as the child keeps watching them, they earn tickets that help to purchase more videos. It has got more than 650 lessons across 8 levels. Various subjects are covered like Reading and Language Arts, Basic Mathematics and World Around Us. The songs and videos are cute and funny which makes them very attractive to watch.
  • Phonics Farm Preschool and Kindergarten: This is an outstanding app that will help the kids in learning and developing good reading skills. The kids earn farm stickers for correct answers. It includes 12 unique reading games like Word Bingo, Tracing Letters, Flash Cards, etc. and features like Phoneme Recognition, Letter Sounds, Letter Writing, Spelling and Reading Words in Simple Sentences and Reading Fluency Development. The app looks like down-on0the0farm-fun with plenty of animals and foods.
  • ABC Spelling Magic (Preschool University): This app focuses on the skill of learning to spell words with 3 phonetic sounds. It teaches spelling by moving letters around to spell each word. If the child is stuck on a word and getting frustrated, then there is a magic wand that provides hints to complete the challenge. It has plenty of options available like Numbers, Shapes, Objects around us, Fruits and Vegetables. Kids also learn how spell colors and learn to spell expressions like Happy, Sad, Shy, Excited, etc.
  • Cubic Frog (Preschool Edukids Room): This app has group of educational games like matching games, letter games, time telling tricks, color and shape patterns, that create lasting learning experiences and improve problem-solving skill. This app has a vivid rainbow palette that inspires sensory joy and fun activities that stimulate early creative childhood cognition. Whenever the toddler answers the questions correctly, the app motivates him and when the kid is wrong, the app tells them to try again and again until they answer correctly. Also, it has sensory-based learning system that utilizes colorful graphics and has touch and sound command.

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