Dreamforce 2016-Key Takeaways

Posted on January 31, 2017

You are probably aware of what Dreamforce is but for the readers who are new to my blog, Dreamforce is an annual conference related to the new innovations and happening in the digital world. This is organized by Salesforce and attended by thousands of registered users and industry experts. Like all informative conferences, it is often difficult to absorb all that is being said in the Dreamforce events. And therefore, I have tried to collate all the key happenings at the Dreamforce 2016 conference.

The Key Speakers

In just a brief, a few popular personalities who spoke at the Dreamforce conference were Melinda Gates, Marc Benioff, Mary Barra, Mark Cuban, Elizabeth Gilbert. There were many other notable speakers from all walks of lives including activists, politicians, astronauts, etc.

The Happenings

There was a lot said about the dynamics CRM application development strategy and implementation at the Dreamforce conference. The speakers talked about other aspects as well, but this article is focused on the highlight of CRM strategy. Here are some takeaways:

  • It was disclosed that mergers and acquisitions affect the product choice and end expectation. Each company is different in some way or the other and therefore when two companies come together either to be merged or being acquired by another, it is important to make decisions keeping in mind the interest of both the parties. You can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM strategy for fruitful selection.
  • Salesforce also announced Salesforce Einstein and the idea is to use artificial intelligence to make predictions and implementations on the basis of analysis. Salesforce announces some out of the box technological happenings in Dreamforce conference and only time can tell how this would actually revolutionize the CRM industry.
  • Salesforce also revealed its intentions to have a full-fledged ERP solution. While other competitors like Microsoft and Oracle seem to be more focused on CRM with offerings like Microsoft Dynamics CRM strategy, it would be interesting to see how Salesforce’s vision translates into reality.
  • The company also hinted at eliminating the small integrators because of cost involved. The expectation from an integrator that would survive are very unrealistic and it would make it pretty difficult for these to manage. The best alternative here is to hire the person at a desirable role in your company.
  • The highlights covered above are just a few major announcements and happenings. If you wish to get a detailed overview of what the conference was all about and all that was said and done, then the best bet would be download the presentation from the Dreamforce website. If you can, get in touch with people who attended the conference for a docket that is distributed.

Dreamforce 2017

The 2017 conference is scheduled from November 6th to 9th in San Francisco. You can sign-up on Salesforce website to be notified whenever the registration for this event begins. Don’t fret if you miss on that, stay tuned to this blog and I will be back with all the happenings and key points next year.

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