Dealing With A Personal Injury At Your Retail Business

Posted on January 10, 2018

If you run the retail business, whether it is one store or many, thechances are that you will have to deal with a personal injury claim. If someone gets hurt while on your premises, then it is possible they will look to file a personal injury claim against you. That is why it is important that you ensure you are prepared for any claims and know what procedures you must follow.

Setting Out Your Company Procedures

As you may well not be in one of your stores when an accident happens, it is vital that you set out clear procedures for your employees to follow. It isn’t just because you want to get all the information, it is also because if the claim turns out to be false, then you can prove it in court. Make sure that all your employees are familiar with the procedure and that your managers know that need to take charge of the situation when it happens.

Take Care of the Customer

When an accident occurs, your staff need to be considerate of the person but also aware of the evidence that may be around. You should clear the area where the incident happened and make sure the customer is safe and comfortable. You should have at least one member of staff that is first aid trained working each day; they can then try to help the customer. You should also call the paramedics if the situation needs it, or if you aren’t sure of the customer’s condition.

Start Collecting Evidence

Once you have made sure the customer is ok, you can start to gather the evidence about the accident. Start a log of what happened, who was on duty and the time of events. That includes the time of the accident, the time you administered first aid and the time you called a paramedic, if applicable. You should also take pictures of the scene and anything that may have contributed to the accident. Don’t take any pictures of the customer as they may not want you to do so.

Gather Witness Statements

As soon as possible after the accident, it is important to speak to anyone that may have witnessed what happened. It is especially important if none of the staff was what happened, so you have an independent record. As well as taking statements, you also need to get contact details of the witnesses in case they need to be contacted later.

Have Your Lawyer Work with Theirs

If the customer decides to contact San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer San Diego, then you should speak to your company lawyer and get them to work together. It will help them to exchange information and evidence,and it will also allow everyone to agree.

If you can prepare your staff for any incidents and have robust systems in place, then you should be able to deal with any accidents at your retail business.

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