7 Tips To Choose The Right Advertising Medium

Posted on December 28, 2016

The communication vehicles you utilize to mention your marketing communications is your advertising media. That is why, in addition to selecting ones that achieve your targeted audience, you have to ensure they offer you with the perfect results for minimal time frame and money.

Below are 7 important tips for choosing your advertising medium:

1.Use More Than One Advertising Medium

Unless your market is broad, you need to choose 2-3 principal advertising vehicles… ones that you are able to dominate. Never depend on one form of conversing with the audience – this is just too big risky. Alternatively, choose press that complement the other person and make sure that your prospects notice about you in multiple varieties.


Choose methods regarding to cost, focusing on and response… Any advertising campaign can be divided into costs per thousand, and if you are using immediate response advertising (that you should) benchmark your success using costs per sales. Your bills include cost of design (also called creative), development (producing or stamping your advertising), and positioning (radio, advertisement, list postage and purchase.

Choose publicity and advertising methods that are suited to your target audience. Companies that sell advertising can provide you a lot of helpful information about their audience. Also, it’s wise to check out other styles of businesses that continually use various media. Then make sure they’re focusing on the same audience as you. Important thing: avoid guesswork, by tests before investing in major purchases.

3.Marketing Financial Plan

Be sure you have your marketing financial plan less what’s already put in or “guaranteed”. This assumes you’ve already prepared this predicated on:

  • Industry norms
  • Needed income
  • Available cash
  • Opportunity costs
  • Company’s risk tolerance

4.Competitors Activity Analysis

Uncover what your opponents are doing for advertising in the same market segments. For example, if you opt to operate a radio advertisement in the Chicago market double each day, on two channels for 14 days and a competition is owning a similar advertisement in the same market but working it 15 times every day, on 15 channels for 15 weeks you would be foolish to squander your cash by wanting to compete… nobody will notice your area. That is another reason it’s so important to make use of reputable advertising company to buy this kind of advertising (applies to Television set as well).

5.Consider Your Sales Cycles

Despite the fact that your financial budget will dictate your medium selection, you should be aware and delicate to your own sales cycles also. For instance, if you are who owns an air-conditioning equipment company you realize that consumers don’t buy a unit each year. Therefore, your communication must be regular and ongoing so you’re “top of brain” when they’re prepared to buy. Also, another communication should be developed by you, specifically in heat of summertime, for those who have a “burning” prefer to buy now.

6.Tracking and Evaluation

Track and evaluate your outcomes. The ultimate way to ensure that something is, or is not; working is to assess it using predetermined goals. Gauge the performance of your advertising right from the start by keeping thorough documents on what you do; when; to whom; for how much; and what occurred.

Admittedly, the full total results of certain advertising are difficult to evaluate. However, unless you measure and record your outcomes you may well be wasting money and missing the possibility to make your decisions easier next time around. Key indications to be evaluated are cost per thousand, cost per response and ratio response.

Remember also that advertising variety the right part of your business plan which is targeted at being profitable. You should know the reason, if your promotional campaigns are not becoming effective and failed to produce an incremental gross profit (more than costs directly from the medium).

7.Rules and Regulations

Understand and stick to regulations… Before choosing your advertising methods, ensure that you know about all local, region, state, and national regulations about data coverage, consumer protection under the law, customer personal privacy and opt-out restrictions. That is especially important if you get excited about retaining and using e-mail lists, personal customer data, and telemarketing, immediate mail, e-mailing and fax-marketing.

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