6 Top Tips For Chemical Safety On-site

Posted on December 1, 2017

Every business owner has a responsibility to safeguard their employees and visitors at every opportunity. Health and safety is therefore of paramount importance for companies who use one or more dangerous chemicals. To protect your staff and workplace, read the six top tips for chemical safety on-site.

  • On-Site Maintenance

Ensure floors remain both clean and dry to prevent any slip or falls in the workplace. You can prevent injuries by investing in absorbent mat pads, which should be applied to locations likely to experience many spills. As a result, you can reduce the likelihood of both exposure and slip-and-fall accidents.

  • Employee Education

A supervisor should check all employees clean their work surfaces throughout the day when working with chemicals. What’s more, each member of staff should be provided with thorough training regarding the dangers of working with hazardous chemicals, such as flammable gases and combustible liquids. It is also advisable to establish water disposal procedures, as workers must be taught to never pour liquids into drains, or not to place them in vehicle hoods to remove volatile chemicals.

  • Efficient Equipment

Hazardous chemicals must be transported from A to B using the highest quality equipment, which can prevent exposure and spills. For example, chronic exposure to diesel fumes can trigger various health conditions, such as asthma or airway restriction. For this reason, businesses using diesel must invest in the most efficient equipment for the task at hand, such as high-quality DEF pumps for storage and accurate dispensing of diesel exhaust fluid.

  • An Organized Storeroom

An unorganized storeroom can create an unsafe environment for all employees and visitors onsite. If you handle hazardous chemicals on-site, ensure one member of staff organizes and maintains a storeroom to store hazardous liquids safely. Not only must they store all chemicals in a safe location, but they must also regularly review inventory levels, properly dispose of expired substances, and prevent duplicate orders from being placed to prevent too many dangerous chemicals being stored onsite. It is also imperative to segregate incompatible substances into different storerooms, which can avoid a scientific reaction or contamination that could pose a risk to worker safety.

  • The Best Tools

Always use reliable tools when using chemicals. It only takes one hairline crack in a glassware to create a spill. Review all equipment before adding any substances, and use containment trays to take control of any potential mess that might occur. All members of staff must also understand how to effectively handle, discard or tag damaged articles, so they are never reused.

  • Health & Safety Equipment

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect all employees onsite, especially when storing and using hazardous chemicals. It is, therefore, a business owner’s responsibility to provide signs and container labels to reinforce on-site safety. What’s more, they must provide and maintain eyewash stations, fire extinguishers, drench showers and first aid kits, which will ensure employees can reduce the impact of a dangerous exposure to a hazardous substance.

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