5 Essential Blogs for You If You’re a Software Tester

Posted on July 26, 2019

Quality assurance plays a vital role in helping you release immaculate products and apps. With a good QA team, you can literally take your relevant market by storm. However, it is essential to stay in touch with good quality assurance blogs and resources to take full advantage of the ongoing developments at hand.

Testers’ Digest Newsletter

Not a blog really but this newsletter will provide you with the latest updates of the QA industry. Moreover, Daria, Director of QA for Quid, distributes the simple, streamlined newsletter on a weekly basis with a new focus topic for each release.

Google Testing Blog

Great insights, huge team, lots of products and plenty of space for experimentation, Google’s testing blog will help you benefit from the very best industry insights and updates.

Tester Stories

Jeff Nyman shares stories from his personal testing experiences in a very relatable and friendly manner. He presents his projects in detail. It goes without saying that his website will help you build your testing skills.

Atlassian Software Testing

Atlassian’s blog isn’t about software testing only. It encompasses a wide range of topics. From security testing to automation testing company, penetration testing to regression testing, this blogs covers everything. Read this website to supplement your QA knowledge like nobody’s business. What’s most interesting is that they openly share their own approach to QA as well.

Qualitest The Testing Show (Podcast)

For a more auditory experience, The Testing Show is for you. Qualitest’s ongoing podcast features a wide range of testing topics from expert guest panelists who take QA and software testing to a whole new level.

Check out these useful resources and take your QA skills to a whole new level.

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