4 Differences Between the Way Women & Men Invest in Real Estate

Posted on June 29, 2019

There are various examples implying how women and men think alike when making an investment. They both want their money to get appreciated. They both want their money to help them make more money. They both like doing very little to get all that money while they just sit down, relax and watch it grow and build up their bank accounts. However, there are some ways when women think differently than men while buying property.

Buying Power Due To Marriage

When a woman gets married, she has more power to buying than her husband. As a matter of fact, a study shows women make more than 80% of all consumer decisions. Another example of how women influence spending is on houses. Men mostly buy a house when their spouse is on board. While most DIY projects of decorating a house are usually carried out by women and they are found to be more energetic towards making the house look beautiful.

Buying Pattern Of Women

Women are fond of cyclic shopping pattern, while men mostly do linear shopping. Women tend to gather the same information from different sources, before buying something, hence they do thorough research and make sure they get the best value for their money. Men, on the other hand, make an investment like this: they want an apartment for rent, they asked a couple of friends and colleagues, they approached one agent and found one of Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent, they schedule a visit and the deal is done.

Emotion Driven Approach

Studies found that women are driven by emotions and men are more driven by features. An AirBnb home for purchase with a walkout basement might be tempting to a man, considering this feature can be used to futuristic AirBnb deals and short-term rentals, while on the other hand, a woman might think like the feature needs to be beautiful. If it is ugly, it is worthless to put on AirBnb because people would not like to get an ugly basement for their stay.

Always Win-Win Situation

Women don’t like a conquering approach to something. They want to take everyone’s opinion along and not just be the dominant one by forcing their own opinion. They want everyone to be happy and give them a thumbs up before they finalize their decision.

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