3 Customer Service Blunders To Save Yourself From

Posted on February 22, 2017

When it comes to customer service, there are a few things which are extremely critical. It is vital to understand here that customer service is about creating an experience, and needless to mention that an experience can be good or bad. However it is the work of the management to ensure that they are able to create only and only good memories with the customer as one bad experience is enough to damage the image of the brand.

There are a few habits which companies have inculcated over the period of time which aren’t very pleasant for the business and customers. When it comes to establishing a customer service centre which is able to deliver pleasant experiences to customers there are a few habits which companies should be careful about. Especially when it comes to inbound customer service centres, mindfulness is required as the agents of the call centre will be in direct contact with the customers and it is extremely crucial to ensure that customers are left with a pleasant experience. There are a few offenders which can scar your brand’s image in customer service and these are mentioned below.

Speed over quality:

In order to serve maximum number of customers, even a forward looking customer service centre generally forgets to deliver quality. In other words, in a quest to deliver service faster quality is neglected. When it comes to handling customer queries and issues, an efficient inbound customer service centre should focus on taking care of each customers’ need and problems instead of rushing down to conclusions. When you give your customers adequate time and show concerns towards their problems, customers are highly appreciative towards this and remember you, for the good. There is no point that your call centre agents are able to answer a hundred calls and a majority of customers’ issues aren’t still resolved. By giving your customers time and listening to them, even when the number of customers you’ve talked to is less, you’ve created a pleasant experience for these and this is what that matters.

Not showing gratitude:

When was the last time your call centre agents were thankful to customers for doing business with them? Gratitude holds immense power within itself. By showing genuine gratitude to your customers you are making the customer feel valued and appreciated. By being thankful to your customers for their presence, business, feedback, etc. you are able to differentiate yourself from the rat race. Expression of thankfulness is better than the expression of guilt and companies should focus on practicing gratitude more than practicing guilt. Instead of shedding out apologies everywhere, something which customers tend to notice eventually, your appropriate inbound customer service should consider thanking them.

Overlooking customer feedback:

The biggest mistake which companies make is ignoring the valuable feedback of their customers. By telling your customers that you will consider their feedback but you end up ignoring it, you are actually losing out on the trust factor. Even if your management decides not to act on the feedback the customer has shared, sending a follow up mail or sms highlights the fact that your organisation actually cares about its customers and their opinions matter. Customer service is all about making your customers feel important and taking into consideration the feedbacks always helps you in showing it to your customers how valuable they actually are. In addition to that, production teams are looking forward to these feedbacks so that everything can be designed in a manner which pleases the customer.

When it comes to customer service, such blunders should be entirely eliminated. The base of customer service is letting your customers know that they are important for you and anything which makes them feel otherwise is harmful for your business. Therefore, due care should be exercised while handling customers and mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

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