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Alternative Investments Offering Interesting Possibilities for Adventurous Investors

There is no hard and fast rule about what an “alternative investment” is. It is really up to personal interpretation. For the purposes of this article, we’re referring to alternative investments as ones that are outside the immediate mainstream. Therefore, an S&P 500 index fund is mainstream whereas an oil and gas limited partnership would be an alternative ...

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Protect Your Business: How To Use Technology To Handle An Employee Termination

Dismissing an employee is never easy. You will undoubtedly not be taking the decision to terminate an employee’s contract lightly, but it may only help your business to grow. You should involve both internal and external IT experts to build a case and protect your business. Find out how to use technology to handle an employee termination. Find Evidence for ...

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How To Set Up A Local Dental Practice

Not everyone wants to spend their working life staring into other people’s mouths all day long, but if you train to be a dentist, setting up a local dental practice is a lucrative business opportunity. Well-respected, competent dentists are always sought after by families and other individuals. Most of us recognize that we need to look after our teeth, so a ...

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LIC Schemes and LIC Policies To Save Tax

Splurging on Income Tax is not what one wants, hence everyone needs to plan their investments properly. To identify a good company and invest one’s hard earned money is an essential task today since there are so many companies which offer attractive schemes to policyholders. As one prospers, they should keep a track of their investments and make prominent ...

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How To Avoid Overspending When Creating Your New Business

You’re starting your new business,and it goes without saying that you’re excited. You’ve made plans,and you want to have your business off the ground within a certain number of months, or even years. You’ve calculated costs and expenditure and factored in the cost of unforeseen circumstances into your business plan. You’ve saved money,and you already have ...

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