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Improve Employee Motivation by Providing Employee Recognition Award

Hopefully as a manager or superior, you may have come to the significant realization that employee recognition awards may be a remarkable instrument in boosting employee production and enthusiasm. A rising variety of bosses are beginning to understand the overall usefulness of an employee recognition program in boosting total output. Extra importantly, these awards ...

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3 High-Tech Solutions For Attracting More Local Customers

Local businesses reliant on the consumer economy must go above and beyond the usual tactics to attract new customers. With a world of products and services at the fingertips of shoppers via the internet, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to connect with consumers at the local level. This is one major reason why even small businesses in local communities are ...

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4 Helpful Marketing Tips For Orthodontic Clinics

Most traditional marketing strategies work for medical services including dental services as long as the target audience is wide. Marketing orthodontic practices is different because the target audience is small and specific. Dentists can market their services to all individuals because everyone needs one or two annual check-ups. Orthodontists specialize in patients ...

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