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The Incredible Versatility Of Steel

Since its discovery nearly 3,000 years ago, steel has been used in every society, and without it, the Industrial Revolution would have ground to a halt. Even today, in the world of composite materials, steel is still the favoured material, and in case you have ever wondered how steel can be processed, here are just a few of the methods to form steel. Rolled ...

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Why Loans For Woman-Owned Small Businesses Are Harder To Get and How To Work Around This

Out of 58.5 million businesses in India, 8.05 million are run by female entrepreneurs, constituting around 14% of the total business establishments in India. These women-owned enterprises range from corner shops to venture-funded startups and employ over 13.48 million people. Women have so much to juggle in life, from being a mom and wife to now a business builder. ...

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Things You Should Be Watchful Of When Using An FD Interest Calculator

The rates of fixed deposit in India have always been subject to several factors that cause the rate to rise and fall. In this situation, investors need to be watchful of present fixed deposit interest rates before making a choice. Sometimes, individuals often have to run from one bank to another to know who offers the highest rate of interest. Even if you know ...

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